Stranger than fiction .. Finding a killer who has escaped from justice 20 years ago

After his sailing boat is struck by lightning and stranded while sailing in Indonesia, Thierry Askion is forced to reveal his identity to save his life and is found to be wanted for murder.

In an article published by the newspaper “Le Parisien” (the Parisian) French writer Timothy Pottery said that after 20 years of escaping, the perpetrator, Thierry Askion (62), who was sentenced in absentia to life imprisonment in 2001 in Paris, was found in the case of the 1991 murders of two French restaurant owners in Guatemala. He faces the decision to extradite him to the French authorities. And he may find himself in prison for a retrial in his presence.

The crime took place in Guatemala on the night between 27 and 28 December 1991 (Al Jazeera)

crime in guatemala

The murder took place in Guatemala on the night between December 27 and 28, 1991, when restaurateur Bernard Perrault, 52, and his wife, Marie Antoinette Periller, 44, were killed as they were preparing to go on a cruise. Their mutilated bodies were found days later in two different places, when it turned out that they had been tortured.

The investigation revealed the involvement of two French young men who were arrested a month after the crime, Jean-Philippe Bernard, nephew of the owner of the restaurant and his friend Philip Berry, accused of wanting to seize the couple’s money. But they denied the charges against them, but the judiciary did not acquit them, and they were sentenced to 30 years in prison in Guatemala in 1995, then released.

Investigations revealed the involvement of a third party from Marseille named Thierry Askion, who had previously been sentenced to 7 years in prison for theft in his youth. Askion traveled to Guatemala in 1991 to sell trucks to the junta as an intermediary for a company.

Shortly after the double murders, Askion travels to Miami where he is accused of seizing the victims’ money in their bank accounts by cashing checks signed by Bernard Perrault. A refugee witness in Canada claimed to have seen Askion forcing the couple into a car the night they disappeared.

pass out of sight

In March 1995, a “third party” testified on a television program known as “Disappeared” to acquit the two men convicted in Guatemala. A few weeks later, Askion was arrested in Thailand with an American passport, stolen and then sent to France under heavy guard by French special forces in September 1995. After returning to his homeland, investigative judge Gilbert Thiel indicted him and returned to Pretrial detention.

In May 2000, Thierry Askione was released after spending 4 years and 7 months in pre-trial detention, and was due to appear after 5 months before the Paris Criminal Court to answer charges of “complicity in murder, forgery and fraud”, following the request of his lawyer May Arthur Firkin.

Thierry Ascione French double killer Source: French newspapers -20-12-2021-3P4ASAKJOVHPJAUR64G5LVNMBA.php?ts=1640091526876French double killer Thierry Askillon, everyone is waiting for him in France (French press)

Escape was not difficult

When his trial began, Askion managed to escape out of the country. On June 5, 2001, the Paris Criminal Court sentenced him in absentia to life imprisonment, and Askion has since disappeared.

Askion, who spent the years traveling between Asia and South America and founded several companies, confirmed that the escape was not difficult, but needed to follow certain rules, noting that he was able to return to France several times with a false identity, but this time he wanted to return once and for all to restore his true identity and receive treatment. .

But things did not go as planned. On the night of the fourth of last October, his boat, his companion and their two dogs were struck by lightning and the navigation system malfunctioned. They were forced to dock in Karatung, the nearest island in Indonesia, with only two identity documents bearing his name.

Askion was on the Interpol list. According to a judicial source, “He was arrested on the basis of an arrest warrant issued by the Paris Court of Appeal in 2019. The limitation period of 20 years for the sentence imposed had not expired at the time of the issuance of the warrant.

“I am no longer in hiding,” Askion says. “If my punishment is not prescribed, let us finish this once and for all, and let me be judged provided my questions are answered.”

Askion claims his innocence

Askion maintains his innocence. As he did 20 years ago, the murdered restaurateur is accused of money laundering and financing (the Rally for the French Republic), telling the judge working on his case, “I know what I’m saying are serious accusations, but all I ask is to verify them.”

Askion’s statement seemed ridiculous

Retired judge Gilber Teal is still recalling details of the 1995 story that he kept documents despite having been transferred to the Counter-Terrorism Exhibit.

During the investigation, the judge listened to the politician who was implicated according to the suspect, and said that he “denied everything that was attributed to him. Askion’s statements seemed highly illogical.”

We are looking forward to Askion in France

Bertrand Perrault, son of the murdered restaurateur, confirmed, “This crime is linked to a case of extortion. Askion is a link in a long chain of bandits. This mysterious case blew up part of the family, and if we can find out the truth, we will solve the mystery of the crime. Everyone is anxiously awaiting the return of the fugitive accused to his home.” France”.

and reported Arthur Firken The defendant’s lawyer said, “It is time for Askion to explain his position, as he himself demands it.”

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