The coalition launches 58 raids on the Houthis, destroys a drone and a booby-trapped boat, and threatens to bomb the Al-Thawra Stadium in Sana’a


Media affiliated with the Houthi group said Thursday that the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen launched 58 raids on sites in the governorates of Sanaa, Marib, Al-Jawf and Al-Hodeidah.

For its part, the coalition demanded that the Houthi group remove the weapons from the Al-Thawra Sports Stadium in Sanaa.

The coalition announced that it would drop protection from the revolution’s stadium if the Houthis did not comply with the provisions of international humanitarian law.

He added that only hours remained until the deadline given to the Houthis to remove the weapons from the stadium, while the Houthis demanded that an international team visit the Al-Thawra stadium in Sana’a to verify that it was free of any weapons.

Raids and booby-trapped boat

In this context, Saudi official media said Thursday that the coalition forces destroyed a booby-trapped boat before launching an imminent attack in the southern Red Sea.

The statement of the coalition forces accused the Houthi group of launching the booby-trapped boat from the Yemeni governorate of Hodeidah.

The coalition announced the destruction of 99 booby-trapped boats that threatened freedom of navigation in the Bab al-Mandab strait and the southern Red Sea, pointing to the destruction of a booby-trapped drone that tried to target Abha International Airport in southwestern Saudi Arabia.

Earlier today, Thursday, the coalition announced the implementation of 36 attacks against the Houthis in Marib, which resulted in the destruction of 28 military vehicles and the killing of more than 310 Houthi elements, in the largest daily toll of casualties.

The coalition also said that Thursday it launched air strikes on a camp of the central security forces of the Houthi group in Sanaa, but the Houthi group said that these strikes hit a prison and a hospital.

Saudi state television quoted the coalition as saying that it had destroyed 7 stores of drones and weapons in the camp, adding that the strikes came in response to the Houthis’ launch of a drone towards the Saudi city of Jazan.

The Houthis said – in a statement – that bombs fell on a prison that houses more than 3,000 inmates of the coalition fighters who were captured in the battles.

Houthi-run Al Masirah TV reported that the strikes hit the Al Sabeen neighborhood in Sanaa in the early hours of the morning, destroying some homes and damaging a maternity and children’s hospital.

Destroy a drone

In the same context, the coalition announced on Thursday the destruction of a booby-trapped drone launched by the Houthis towards Abha Airport, in the south of the Kingdom, which led to the scattering of shrapnel near the airport.

Several regions in Saudi Arabia are constantly under attack by ballistic missiles and booby-trapped drones launched from Yemen towards their airports and oil facilities.

Yemen has been witnessing for nearly 7 years a continuous war between pro-government forces backed by an Arab military coalition led by Saudi Arabia, and the Iranian-backed Houthis, who have controlled several governorates, including Sanaa, since September 2014.

The United Nations says that by the end of 2021, the war in Yemen will have killed 377,000 people directly and indirectly.

The war has cost the country’s economy $126 billion, in one of the worst humanitarian and economic crises in the world, with most of the population of 30 million dependent on aid, according to the United Nations.

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