The eighth round of negotiations will start next Monday..Iran continues its military maneuvers and warns against any attack targeting it

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The Iranian Revolutionary Guards said that units of its ground forces conducted intensive exercises at dawn today, Thursday, with the participation of drones, artillery and armored units, on the fourth day of the “Great Prophet 17” maneuvers, while it was announced that the eighth round of negotiations would resume next Monday.

The Commander of the Revolutionary Guards, Hossein Salami, stated that the maneuvers tested the effectiveness of Iranian attack and suicide helicopters, which he said are new elements in the ground offensive force of the Guard.

Salami stressed that his forces are adopting a defensive strategy that relies on a preemptive attack against sources of threat, and that they have conducted practical exercises on them.

And the commander of the Central Operations in the Iranian General Staff, Major General Gholam Ali Rashid, warned that his country would destroy the source of any military attack targeting Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Rashid added that Iran’s response will include all bases and paths that will be used in carrying out the attack.

He pointed out that his country treats any attack against its nuclear facilities as being with American approval.

political moves

The European Coordinator for the Vienna negotiations and the Russian envoy to the negotiations announced the start of the eighth round of negotiations next Monday.

European Coordinator Enrique Mora said the Joint Commission for the Nuclear Deal will meet to discuss and determine the way forward, noting that it is important to accelerate the pace of the major outstanding issues and move forward, working closely with the United States.

For his part, Russian negotiator Mikhail Ulyanov said it was not uncommon to engage in serious work before Christmas and New Year.

He added that this is an indication that all negotiators do not want to waste time, and are aiming for a faster recovery of the nuclear agreement, as he put it.

A member of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security Committee, Abu al-Fadl Amawi, had announced the resumption of negotiations next week, and said that they would discuss difficult issues, the most important of which is the lifting of sanctions.

Amoui explained that the negotiations enabled a draft of 12 items, about 10 points of which are still disputed, noting that this draft will constitute 80% of any possible agreement.

The Iranian official stated that the fate of uranium enriched at more than 3.7% is one of the points of contention, stressing that his country refuses to transfer stockpiles of low-enriched uranium outside the country.

military option

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan responded to a question on Israeli radio if Israel had a military option to deal with the Iranian nuclear project.

Sullivan said that Israel is a sovereign country that knows how to protect its interests and itself.

He pointed out that the United States still believes in the possibility of reaching a solution to the Iranian project through diplomatic means, and that negotiations with it have a time limit of a few weeks to achieve an agreement in this regard.

The US official said it would become clear within weeks if Iran really wanted a diplomatic solution.

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