A hot water pool in northern Iraq is visited by people with skin diseases.. What is the truth about its therapeutic feasibility?

Adnan Hamid, 55, still remembers what his father (born in 1917) used to tell him about a pond whose water remains hot throughout the seasons, but what has remained a mystery – for him until now – is how the water of this pond cures allergies and skin diseases. , without any accurate scientific explanation yet.

therapeutic purposes

The water pool is located in the village of “Qaimawa” in the Dohuk governorate in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, and for several decades, the people of the village, which consists of about 100 houses, used its water in their daily lives of washing and cooking – as Hamid tells Al Jazeera Net – there is no source of water in the village but This blessing.

Hamid tells how a man was cured of a skin disease that caused his entire body to turn red after doctors were unable to treat him without knowing the cause of the disease, but half an hour of immersion in this hot pool was enough to cure him of the mysterious disease, without the need to see the doctors again.

Geologist Zahir Muhammad: The water of the pond contains mineral elements acquired from the rocks of the layers of the earth (Al-Jazeera)

The reason for the hotness of the pond

In order to find out the reasons why the pond water remains hot throughout the year, and what is related to its use to cure some diseases, especially allergies and skin diseases, as many people believe, geologists believe that the heat of these ponds or water springs, some of them are linked to the fact that they are located near areas of volcanic activity that work on Heating the waters of these springs, and then leaving them to the surface of the earth hot.

There are such eyes or water ponds in many countries of the world, including America, Japan, Turkey, Iraq and other countries, and they are usually used – as the residents of the vicinity of these eyes believe – to treat some diseases such as allergies, skin, rheumatism, and others, where people visit them all year round.

The chief geologist, Zahir Muhammad Taher, refers to other matters that are a reason to make these ponds hot, most notably the descent of rainwater and rivers into the earth through cracks and fissures, in addition to the fact that the interior of the earth increases in temperature at a rate of 25 to 30 degrees Celsius per thousand meters, and therefore the water It is heated from the ground by the excess heat inside it, and then this water exits to the surface of the earth due to the pressure of the hot water that comes out in the form of hot springs.

A hot water pool all year round in Iraq... What is its story?The water pond is located in the village of “Qaimawa” in Dohuk Governorate in the Kurdistan region of Iraq (Al-Jazeera)

government disregard

Taher also adds that the temperature of this pool is higher than the temperature of the surrounding air and of the human body, and says that many people believe that certain mineral salts found in hot springs are able to cure various diseases. Since ancient times, this belief led people to bathe in it and drink from these springs.

Taher stresses that some of these ponds actually contain the mineral elements found in the rocks of the earth’s layers that dissolve in water, and these springs are saturated with these chemical elements such as sulfur, calcium and others, and for this reason they are called mineral springs.

Taher criticizes the lack of interest of government agencies in such eyes and the areas in them, which if used correctly, would have become a tourist area that would generate good imports, pointing out that the hot al-Baraka area is qualified to turn into a vital tourist center to attract tourists, whether at the level of the region or Iraq.

** For internal use only ** Dermatologist and allergy specialist Dr. Nasih Hajji (Al Jazeera 1)Hajji demanded to conduct research on the nature of the hot pool water and to ascertain its feasibility for treatment (Al-Jazeera)

Is there scientific evidence?

On the other hand, the dermatologist Dr. Nasih Hajji – a resident of the village – believes that the talk that pond water cures people with types of skin diseases and allergies remains confined only to the circle of customs and traditions of the residents of the village, and this is due to the absence of any research or scientific explanations Prove it so far scientifically and logically accurate.

And about the possibility that sulfur, which is present in a certain percentage in the hot water of the pond, may be a reason for treating skin diseases and allergies, the specialist doctor says – to Al Jazeera Net – that sulfur is sometimes used in the treatment of some diseases, but this is not a condition that the reason for treating this water for the aforementioned diseases , due to the lack of scientific evidence to prove the validity of this claim so far.

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