A Palestinian woman was run over by an Israeli settler in the West Bank

A Palestinian woman was martyred – today, Friday – after an Israeli settler ran over her at the entrance to the town of Singel, north of Ramallah, in the central occupied West Bank.

The official Palestinian News Agency (Wafa) quoted security sources as saying that Ghadeer Anis Masalmeh, 55, was killed after a settler ran over her while she was at the entrance to the town of Singel, and fled the scene.

Anadolu Agency had reported that an Israeli settler ran over a Palestinian woman near Ramallah and fled, before an Israeli ambulance came and transported her while she was in grave danger.

For its part, the Israeli occupation army radio said that a Palestinian woman was wounded and killed, in a run-over accident on the road between the settlements of “Ofra” and “Shilo” in the central West Bank. No further details were revealed about the incident.

In recent weeks, the West Bank witnessed widespread attacks by settlers against Palestinian citizens, their agricultural lands, homes and properties.

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