Al-Maliki: The Islamic State was established by international bodies to punish me

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An episode of the “Above Authority” program (2021/12/24) dealt with former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s accusation of international bodies – he did not name – of establishing the Islamic State in Iraq to punish him personally.

This accusation prompted the presenter of the program, Nazih Al-Ahdab, to ask Al-Maliki about the reasons for leaving money and weapons to the terrorist organization in Mosul, Iraq, because of his directives to the Iraqi forces to withdraw from the city without resistance.

In Iraq, the state set in its global budget the price of a barrel of oil at $45, while its global price was $75, which opened the door to questions about the fate of $30 per barrel.

In Najaf, Iraq, a street was paved on paper at a cost of 3.2 billion Iraqi dinars, but in reality nothing was implemented. Rather, the name of the street was changed to extract a supplementary budget for the project and also to evade accountability.

But the cycle of corruption in the Iraqi state has brought politicians to stealing the state and spending crumbs on their minions, especially during election seasons, so that the game, theft and corruption will continue. On the other hand, the livelihood of the Iraqi people is declining because of corruption.

On another subject, the Popular Mobilization (a partner in power and parliament) confirmed that it will remain in the partnership and will not allow anyone to harm or dissolve it, stressing the need for integration between it and the Iraqi security services, as it is an alternative to it and not a substitute for it.

The episode also covered topics:

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