Chosen by the Cooperation Council among the best 6 Gulf inventors.. A Kuwaiti inventor wins gold in the Challenge and Innovation Exhibition

Kuwait- During more than 10 years of research and innovation, Kuwaiti telecom engineer Adel Al-Waseis presented a number of innovations that can contribute to solving many problems, foremost of which is water scarcity in the Gulf region.

The invention of “cold steam irrigation” presented by Al-Wasees, transforms salty and non-potable water into pure water free of salt, through an airless tank to reduce the boiling point of water and using solar energy to raise the water temperature and provide the energy needed for the system to function. Private reservoirs and liquid fertilization can also be made.

The General Secretariat of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf chose the best 6 Gulf inventors, and their patents were displayed on a display screen in its pavilion at the “Expo 2020 Dubai”, among them the Kuwaiti Adel Al-Waseis and his invention of the “air hammer”.

In an interview with Al-Jazeera Net, Al-Wasees reviewed his four patents, andThey are: seat belt, linear fan, cold steam irrigation, and air hammer.

Air Hammer Pneumatic (Al Jazeera)
  • What led you to your first “seat belt” invention?

The idea started in 2012, when a fire broke out in our house, and on that day I started thinking about creating a seat belt. I thought that with the development of construction and the rise of modern buildings and the construction of high towers, this must be accompanied by a development in rescue operations, so I thought that anyone would have tools that could save him from Through a bag that includes means of rescue, such as a rescue belt and a tool for breaking glass, which becomes more hard when fire breaks out. All these tools were collected in one bag, including a belt with which a person saves himself and descends with it from top to bottom, so the percentage of the individual saving himself becomes greater.

The glass-breaking tool is an air hammer, which breaks glass during a fire, and works on compressing air instead of using gunpowder or dynamite.

  • How did you get the idea of ​​inventing the linear fan?

The invention of the “longitudinal fan” includes a device that produces electricity from the force of the wind and moves towards the air, where it compresses the air to pass through a narrow space, and then the air speed and density increases. Powerful high wind turbine, so I thought of inventing the linear propeller.

Air hammer breaks compressed glass to help survive fires (Al Jazeera)
  • Last November, I participated in the Challenge and Innovation Forum in Qatar, what did you present in it?

I participated in this forum as part of a delegation from the Kuwait Scientific Club, at the invitation of the Qatar Scientific Club, with the invention of “cold steam irrigation”, which converts salty and non-potable water into pure water free of salt, through a vacuum tank to reduce the boiling point of water and using Solar energy to raise the water temperature and gain the energy needed for the system to function. Irrigation is also in special reservoirs, and liquid fertilization can also be done.

The idea of ​​the invention came because in the Arab Gulf countries we have a problem with the presence of potable water, as it is either salty or contains sulfur substances harmful to humans, animals, plants and soil, so I worked in the reverse osmosis system, which consumes a lot of energy, and takes from the least place to the most place, and it needs pressure High, electricity and specific filters, allow water to pass through without salt particles or chemicals harmful to the soil and the environment.

When I studied water, I found that it has several forms and its behavior changes at every degree of pressure and temperature, so I thought in the opposite way, and was able to reduce the pressure, so it boils at 40 degrees Celsius, and freezes without cooling, and when I controlled the degree of atmospheric pressure, I came to the separation of water without Power and without filters, as well as go up with the return water system and remove pure salt from the water.

  • What did you achieve in your external posts?

I participated in several exhibitions, courses and conferences in Berlin, Malaysia, Doha, Dubai, and others, and I benefited greatly from these participations due to the presence of some companies specialized in renewable energies, contact with others, exchange of ideas, and the presence of students from universities, so that the individual can see various ideas and exchange opinions.

In 2011, I participated in a conference in Berlin organized by a company specialized in renewable energies, and benefited greatly from the accuracy of the work and how to analyze the elements of each problem.

It also participated in the International Exhibition of Inventions, Creativity and Technologies “ITEX” in Malaysia in 2017, and won the gold medal for the invention of the “safety belt”, with the participation of more than a thousand inventions submitted by researchers from various universities and higher education institutions, in addition to young inventors and a number of creative and technical companies from 24 countries.

I also participated in the Challenge and Innovation Exhibition in Qatar last November, and won the gold medal, as I participated with 5 of my colleagues in the delegation of the Kuwaiti Science Club. Recently, it also participated in the “Expo Dubai 2020” exhibition, at the invitation of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information.

The “cold steam irrigation” device for Kuwaiti inventor Adel Al-Waseis (Al-Jazeera)
  • Are you currently working on new inventions?

I am working on several new patents, but I have pledged myself to pay attention to type, not number, and I hope to succeed in inventing an effective product, and changing society’s view of the Arab inventor. I have many ideas, but I do not want to get distracted, but I want to finish one idea and then move on to the other, and my focus is currently on how to facilitate the desalination of salt water.

  • Did you face some difficulties during your journey with inventions?

Yes, unfortunately, our societies do not encourage, and people think that we cannot work like others, so they want you to invent, innovate, produce and market your innovation, and this is not required of me. From God Almighty.

  • What is your message to the young generation in Arab societies?

I tell them we are a great nation with an ancient civilization, and our scientific history is a witness to that, you are not better than others and vice versa. Each of them has a positive message towards himself and his country.

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