Coalition or one-colored? .. How will the shape of the next government in Iraq?

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Adel Al-Manea, a member of the State of Law coalition, said that all segments of the Iraqi people are bound by the decision of the Federal Court regarding the election results, which the court set next Sunday to announce.

And he ruled out – in his speech to an episode of “Beyond the News” program (2021/12/24) that any party would resort to force of arms to object to these results, stressing that Sunnis and Kurds do not want to go to the opposition, stressing at the same time that there is a political consensus in Iraq on the trend to a coalition government representing all parties to the parliament.

Al-Manea added that the basis of the political process in Iraq is consensual, and it is likely that the next prime minister will be consensual, and after defining his program, the modern parties have the right to join him or oppose this programme.

A member of the State of Law coalition expected the court to postpone the announcement of its decision on the elections again, as happened in the past, explaining that the time for announcing the results through the Federal Court depends on reaching a political agreement in the country, and before this agreement the court will continue to delay the announcement for fear of exacerbating the crisis in the country.

The dispute continues between the Shiite political parties in Iraq over the formation of the next government in the country. While the Sadrist movement – which won the highest percentage of seats in the recent elections – adheres to forming a majority government, other Shiite political parties affiliated with the Coordination Framework Alliance are calling for the formation of a consensus government based on the unity of the Shiite house.

On the other hand; Manaf al-Moussawi, head of the Baghdad Center for Strategic Studies and International Relations, said that the formation of a coalition government puts all Iraqi forces in a dilemma because the elections were early due to the division produced by the coalition government, stressing that the Sadrist movement presented a government program that it seeks to implement.

He added that the forces that have a majority in Parliament support the idea of ​​forming a majority government with a program with specific timings to get out of the economic and security impasse in the country, noting that the crisis today in Iraq is not a political one between parties, but rather a crisis of confidence between the people and the government, and work must be done to resolve the crisis with the people through meet his demands.

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