Demands for the instigators to be held accountable.. An investigation has been opened in India into calls to kill Muslims during a Hindu gathering


Indian police announced on Friday an investigation into repeated calls to kill Muslims made by Hindu extremists during a public gathering.

In a video recording – verified by the French Press Agency – a woman addresses a crowd during a large gathering in early December in the Hindu city of Haridwar (north), and encourages the killing of Muslims.

“Even if only 100 of us become soldiers and we kill two million of them, we will be victorious (…), you will not be able to protect the eternal law (Sanatana Dharma is the name given by Hindus to their religion) only by insisting on going this way,” she said.

It also called for “praying for Nathuram Godse,” the Hindu extremist who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi in 1948, the hero of India’s independence.

The gathering was attended by at least one member of the Indian People’s Party “Bharatiya Janata Party” led by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Modi’s Hindu nationalist party has been accused since coming to power in 2014 of encouraging the persecution of Muslims and other minorities, but it denies this.


Muslim MP Asaduddin Al-Owaisi said on Twitter that the comments in the video were a “clear case of incitement to genocide”, while the Indian government made no comment.

At the same rally, Prabodanand Giri, the leader of a small Hindu group (he is often pictured alongside senior members of the prime minister’s party) called for a “purge” and urged attendees to “prepare to die or be killed”.

“As in Burma (Myanmar) the police, politicians, army and all Hindus in India have to take up arms and do this purge, we have no other choice,” he said.

For his part, a third speaker said in the video that he regretted not killing former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the first Sikh head of government.

The Indian People’s Party denies its intention to formally transform a secular and pluralistic India into a Hindu state, but many members of India’s Muslim and Christian communities say they have been attacked and threatened since Modi took power.

Police in the state of Uttarakhand told AFP – where the gathering was organized – that they were “investigating the case”, stressing that they would “take strict measures against the culprits.”


Representatives of the civil society and Indian politicians demanded that the instigators of violence against Muslims be held accountable, and Maulana Mahmud Madani, head of the Jamiat Ulema al-Hind (the largest Muslim organization in the country) called for strict action against the assembly’s organizers and speakers.

This came during a letter he addressed to the Ministry of Interior, the National Human Rights Commission, the National Committee for Minorities and the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand.

“(The instigators) have posed a threat to peace and communal harmony in the country, so I am calling for strong action against the organizers and the speakers,” Madani said.

He also accused the government of turning a blind eye to the continued hate speech against the Muslim community, which is directed against them on a regular basis.

The opposition National Congress Party spokeswoman Shamma Muhammad called – during a tweet on Twitter yesterday, Thursday – to take action against the members of the aforementioned gathering who called for the genocide of Muslims, while the leader of the Trinamool National Congress Party, Saket Gokhal, announced yesterday that he had filed a complaint against the organizers and speakers of the religious gathering. .

For his part, Ashok Kumar, police chief of Uttarakhand state, said the incident will be investigated and actions taken as per the law.

The police issued a report against the violators, for promoting feelings of hatred between different groups.

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