Japanese professor develops screen that can convey taste

Modern televisions have more and more features. What they can’t yet do: transfer tastes and smells. If a professor at Meiji University in Japan has his way, that will eventually change, at least in part. He developed a screen that can imitate the taste of food. In order to perceive this, the users – as usual – lick the surface of the display.

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Taste through the TV

The prototype of the display, which is still relatively large at the moment, was developed by Professor Homei Miyashita. The researcher baptized the device with the name “Taste the TV” (TTTV) cannot yet produce any taste, but sits on a kind of carousel with 10 aroma containers which, in combination, can produce the taste of various foods. The resulting taste sample is then sprayed onto a film that is rolled out on the display. Users can then perceive the taste by literally licking the display.

Taste through the TV

The goal is to give people the experience of eating in a restaurant on the other side of the world, even if they stay at home”Explains Miyashati. The idea came to him in the course of the corona pandemic, during which many people had to stay at home and did not enjoy going to restaurants or the like.

The TTTV is not the first product developed by Miyashita and his team that can create taste. For example, the researcher developed with his

Team of around 30 students created a kind of fork with which the taste of food could be enhanced. Professor Miyashita believes it is entirely possible to turn his TTTV prototype into a product for consumers – for a price of less than 1000 euros. For this to work, however, there would also have to be a constant supply of the aroma containers, which are ultimately a consumer product.

Possible applications in practice

Myiashita sees potential uses for TTTV in distance learning for sommeliers and cooks or in tasting and quiz games. The researcher is also holding talks with companies about the use of spray technology – for example, to spray flavors on a slice of toast. A kind of taste database is also conceivable, from which tastes from all over the world can be downloaded and tested.

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