Oh you happy! Rocket propelled Christmas tree

Not an everyday picture. The Christmas tree is unique in its own way. Source:

The annual Christmas tree-sometimes buying can not be that easy. The right size, the right price or availability are just a few aspects that the conifer must meet. For a group of young engineers but another property is very important: the Flight characteristics. You have one Nordmann-Tanne Made fire under the bum and made her with one Rocket propulsion Mistake.

A 2 meter high tree creates an altitude of almost 90 meters

By doing Video on the YouTube-Kanal „“, can be admired in a humorous way in a kind of VLog in a good 20 minutes, like the plan of one rocket propelled Christmas tree is implemented. Among other things, a model made of paper explains what the trouble of the project are. With one or the other, of course Wink.

The mostly out Aerospace engineers The existing group took a few tries before they achieved the breakthrough. So the ignition system failed three times. On the other hand, the final result in attempt number four is quite impressive. A 2 meter high Christmas tree was on a four-wing structure positioned. To do this, a small solid rocket engine, which generates 1000 Newtons of thrust, assembled.

With that the tree made one Top speed of 111 km / h (about 69 mph), a cruising height of 88 m and a G-force of 3.6 G.

Of course, the right one is allowed Christbaumschmuck also not missing. For this purpose, extra small packages and fairy lights were attached to the tree, so that really one authentic Christmas spirit arises. With that in mind, Merry Christmas and happy landings!


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