“Save Cyrenaica” .. Palestinian platforms call for confronting settler attacks

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Activists on social media platforms in Palestine interacted with an electronic campaign of solidarity with the town of Burqa, south of the city of Nablus in the West Bank, after an attack by settlers under the protection of the Israeli occupation forces.

Palestinian activists launched the hashtag (“Save Barqa”) to condemn the settlers’ attacks, and express their anger at the attack on the town and the uniqueness of the occupation and its settlers with its people in the absence of protection and support.

The pioneers of digital platforms circulated videos of the confrontations between the Palestinians and the occupation army, while others showed the mosques of Cyrenaica chanting the phrase “live on jihad” and calling on its residents to defend the town against settler attacks.

The Palestinian anger and resentment over the attack on the town of Barqa was reflected on social media, through texts and tweets, some of which were quoted as an episode of the program “Nashrat Al-Athbeh – Nashrat Al-Shamtah – your publication.”

As for Arafat Hajj, restoring the Palestinian organization – self-organization and not necessarily the organization of the fighting faction – is no longer a mere necessity to defend life and not just defend freedom. He reduced the possibility of the Palestinian National Authority rescuing the people of the town of Barqa from the settlers, and said, “Waiting for the authority to save us.” of settlers is a pure and perfect recipe for suicide.”

Majd Al-Madhoun tweeted, “The Nakba of 1948 is repeated again!..Attack of 11,000 settlers with weapons at the entrance to the village of Burqa in the city of Nablus, and more than 100 injured elderly and children..Attacks and incursions into homes, the occupation is about to carry out an actual massacre.”

Raji Al-Hams addressed everyone bearing the slogan “Save Cyrenaica,” saying, “Every act of resistance in any part of the West Bank is enough to relieve the pressure on Cyrenaica. Do not wait for the security cooperation authority that continues to hijack the homeland to support Cyrenaica. This is not its battle. The occupier is afraid, and if he shows otherwise, he is trying to restore the image of his continued defeat.

The town of Barqa is subjected to repeated attacks by extremist Israeli settlers, and yesterday, Thursday, hundreds of them attacked the area, with the support of the occupation army, which led to the outbreak of confrontations, which included the firing of metal bullets and tear gas canisters.

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