The risk of homelessness hangs over 200,000 children in Britain

A prominent British charity has warned that 200,000 children in the country are at risk of homelessness during the winter season.

A study by YouGove polling agency commissioned by the charity Shelter found that more than 100,000 low-income families living in rented homes either received eviction notices or were behind on their monthly payments in November. the past.

The charity estimated that up to 200,000 children could be displaced, as their families risk losing their homes.

Shelter CEO Polly Nate said any child should worry about losing their home this Christmas, not to mention 200,000 kids.

Many families spend every day “faced with the imminent threat of eviction, not knowing if they will still have a home next year”.

“Eviction notices are falling in front of the doors of homes, and our services are working around the clock to help those who have nowhere else to go,” the CEO continued.

In her statement, she stressed that the government should intervene to preserve the homes of individuals threatened with eviction, and provide more support to tenants to protect them from that danger in the winter.

Nate noted that, with only the public’s support, the organization can continue to answer calls and assist as many people as possible receiving eviction notices.

The survey showed that 71 percent of families who pay rent will struggle to make the payments and find a new home if they face eviction.

The study also revealed that about 21% of families said that their children were aware of their concern about maintaining their homes, while 11% of families confirmed that their children are very worried about becoming homeless.

In the same context, the Shelter organization estimated that 55,000 children have already been evicted with their families from their homes since last September.

The organization has now begun reaching out to the public for financial support to help families at risk of eviction find safe housing.

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