The worst start of the season for Messi in his career

In the year that saw Lionel Messi leave Barcelona and move to Paris Saint-Germain; The impact of the seven Ballon d’Or winner in the French capital was not as expected or hoped.

The Paris team was aiming to form a super offensive force with Neymar and Kylian Mbappe, but the move has not yet borne fruit, and Messi himself is in the midst of his worst season – in terms of statistics – in his career.

So far, the 34-year-old has scored a goal every 865 minutes in the French league, meaning that he scored only one goal in the local championship. Even when looking at his first season with Barca, it appears that there is a clear drop in registration.

During the 2004-05 season, Messi scored one goal in 75 minutes of playing, and then the following year he scored one goal every 155 minutes in the League.

Despite his somewhat poor form in the French league this season, Messi was the inspiration for his team in the Champions League, as he scored 5 goals in the group stage that helped the French capital’s team to qualify for the final price of the continental championship, where he will face Real Madrid.

However, Messi – especially at this point in his career – should not be judged on his goals alone. In fact, he was influential in most of the matches he played, and in the French league he had a hand in 5 goals, including 3 assists against Saint-Etienne.

Of course, all this is happening under the influence that Messi is in the process of adjusting to a new life in a new city, which in itself raises many problems.

In addition to the international bans in the first part of the season, Messi has not yet been able to reach his usual rhythm and level.

However, Messi is confident that in 2022, once he adapts fully to life in Paris and with PSG, he can inspire his teammates to achieve domestic and European glory as they look to win the European champions.

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