Tunisia..President Said says he is aware of conspiracies that amount to assassination and a security syndicate is calling for the “truth”


Tunisian President Kais Saied said that he was aware of the “conspiracies” conspiring at home and abroad, which amount to assassination, after monitoring a phone call talking about the timing of them.

Saeed called, in a video clip broadcast by the presidency, yesterday, Thursday, to pay attention to what is being planned today by some “traitors who sold their consciences to foreign intelligence to assassinate a number of officials.”

For its part, the General Syndicate of the National Guard (the gendarmerie) called on Interior Minister Tawfiq Sharaf El-Din to clarify the truth of the presidential statements regarding the “conspiracies” being hatched against the country.

In a Facebook post, the union called on the Minister of Interior to “clarify what is being circulated about the assassination and its time.”

The General Syndicate of Gendarmerie added that the members of the security establishment “will not be scapegoats. The truth alone refutes rumors, and national security is a red line.”

The post sparked widespread controversy and interaction in the country, as it indicated that the security services were not aware of the scheme that the president talked about.

Since last July 25, the country has been witnessing a political crisis, as a result of exceptional measures announced by Saeed, most notably the freezing of Parliament’s competencies, the lifting of immunity from its deputies, the abolition of the constitutionality control body of laws, the issuance of legislation by presidential decrees, the dismissal of the prime minister and the appointment of new ones.

Prominent political and social forces rejected these exceptional decisions, and considered them “a monopoly of opinion and a consolidation of the authority of a single individual.” But other forces supported it and saw it as “an expression of the aspirations of the people.”

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