Why does actress Emma Thompson advocate for refugees?

Emma Thompson is one of the most famous actresses in Britain and the world. She has won 3 Oscars, two Golden Globes, and a BAFTA, in addition to an Emmy.

Last week, British star Emma Thompson, a human rights and environmental activist, spoke to The Times of London about the experiences of an African refugee boy whom she adopted for her son, after he miraculously escaped from the inferno of the Rwandan genocide.

She described the daily difficulties he faced since he began his life in Britain, saying, “He grew up and grew in a million different ways, but this did not come about without many (horrific accidents) that he experienced throughout his journey,” which was the reason for “I learn an important lesson in daily challenges.” Most refugees face, especially their ignorance of the language, their inability to express themselves, say what they need, or face daily racism.”

Blaming politicians and the media for “the inferiority of refugees in the eyes of others,” Thompson said she penned this article in an effort to support RefugeeCouncil “as an organization that provides many services to those who do not have any of the resources a human needs to survive.” They often pray with nothing but their clothes.

The human rights star considered that refugees can not only become active members of society, but also be talented and outstanding individuals, because of their experiences that gave them extraordinary experiences and flexibility.

Hospitality is the most important thing to offer

At the turn of the millennium, “Tinde Agaba” was a 13-year-old boy who lost his father to AIDS, and lost the rest of his family during the Rwandan genocide in 1994, before he was kidnapped by a militia and forced to engage in fighting.

But his long-suffering journey ended to safety, with his success in escaping from the horrors, to find himself in an unexpected place, where a charity party on the occasion of Christmas, hosted by the star Thompson, in partnership with the “Refugee Council” to help welcome refugees to Britain, because “hospitality is the most important Something that one person can give to another.

Agaba was 16 at the time, and could barely speak English. But Thompson insisted on communicating with him through “a mixture of sign language, laughter, and smiling” until he learned English “slowly” and told her of his kidnapping and forced combat, despite his childhood.

Two decades later, 34-year-old Agaba was raised by Thompson, who said Agaba had “made wonderful friendships, had an extraordinary wife, taught physics, and had a wonderful and challenging job at CIS in England”.

And the life of Agaba – who obtained a degree in politics from the University of Exeter and studied law and human rights at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, and speaks 8 languages ​​- became better than any scenario, after witnessing unimaginable horror in his country.

The only one in history

Thompson, 62, is an actress, screenwriter and author who studied English literature at Cambridge University, and a descendant of a theater house. Born in London, to Scottish actress Phylida Law, and father to English actor Eric Thompson, who died after a sudden heart attack, at just 23 years old, Thompson said the loss of her father “torn her apart”.

She is one of the most famous actresses in Britain and the world, due to her distinguished and sophisticated performance, and her scripts that won several awards, including 3 Oscars, two Golden Globes, two BAFTAs, and an Emmy.

It was not 3 years since she won the Academy Awards and BAFTAs, as Best Actress in the movie “Howards End” 1992, in front of veteran Anthony Hopkins, until she won two Oscars and BAFTAs for the second time in 1995, for her role as a screenwriter and starring in the movie “The Mind” Sense and Sensibility, based on the novel by English writer Jane Austen, making Thompson the only winner in history to win two Oscars for acting and writing for the same film.


Also, Thompson was the eighth actress in history to be nominated for two Oscars in one year (1993) for two roles she played, in “The Remains of the Day” opposite Sir Anthony Hopkins, and “In the Name of the Father.” Father) in front of Sir Daniel Day-Lewis.

Thompson’s work continued, most notably the “Harry Potter” series from 2004 to 2011. The movie “Beauty and the Beast” in 2017. And the “Little Women” films, and the “Years” series. Years and Years in 2019, all the way to her role in the comedy Cruella in 2021.

Since 1999, Thompson has written several books, the most famous of which is The Tale of Peter Rabbit series. In 2018, she was awarded the Order of the British Empire (DBE) as a Lady Commander.

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