Friedman: Iran is close to having a nuclear warhead and will not be bombed

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An episode of “The Interview” (26/12/2021) hosted the American writer Thomas Friedman to talk with him about his history and political influences in Washington and the region, and the secret of his friendship with many Arab leaders.

Friedman ruled out in the first part of the “interview” that Iran would be bombed by any country, including Israel, because Washington considers it difficult to enter a war currently due to the shortage of oil supplies, and he went on to stress that Iran is a year away from producing warheads. Nuclear.

He considered that with the oil supply crisis, it is difficult to enter into a war with Iran, because of this impact on the Americans, stressing that the withdrawal of former US President Donald Trump from the nuclear agreement was a “stupid plan.”

On the reason for adopting a supportive view of Israel, the American writer justified that by believing in the right of the Jewish people to have an independent state on their “historic land”, according to him, and also believing that the Palestinians would have an independent state, noting that with the two-state solution, and that the Israelis will not have A homeland without the Palestinians and vice versa.

He added that the two-state achievement would have reached a stage close to verification had it not been for the mistakes committed in 2000 by former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and former Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, and former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu completed the wrong steps to reject the two-state solution and negotiations.

He added that the current government in Israel rejects the existence of a Palestinian state and even wants to swallow up the West Bank. He also accused this government of suppressing all signals sent by the Palestinians regarding peace, or entering into negotiations, expressing his conviction that the situation is changing in the United States of America and the new generations have become You see Israel and Palestine as a region of chaos.

Friedman revealed the formation of a new generation that was incredibly hostile to Israel. Indeed, the division between Republicans and Democrats in America has reached to consider those who support Israel as a republic, while those who oppose it are considered Democrats, and America supports Israel because it is a democratic state and important to American Jews.

Arab Spring

On the Arab Spring and the reasons for its failure, Thomas Friedman said that America supported the transition in Egypt and called on former Egyptian President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak to step down, but Washington now believes that the democratic movement of the peoples has failed, in addition to the rejection of some regimes in the region for this change.

He added that the Islamic movement in Egypt failed to rule, unlike Tunisia, where Islamists allied themselves with non-Islamic forces before a coup occurred there.

Friedman also spoke about his beginnings as a journalist in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, during the civil war there. He confirmed that the first two journalistic stories he completed in his career were related to the Iranian revolution, and the second to the seizure of the Grand Mosque in Makkah by the Juhayman Al-Otaibi gang, and these two stories later shaped his career.

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