It called for an immediate investigation.. the United Nations expresses its “shock” after the massacre of civilians in Myanmar

The United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Martin Griffiths, expressed his shock at credible reports that at least 35 civilians were killed and their bodies burned in Myanmar, calling on the government to open an investigation.

In a statement, Griffiths condemned the incident as well as all attacks on civilians across the country, and called on the authorities to immediately launch a comprehensive and transparent investigation into the incident to bring those responsible swiftly to justice.

On Saturday, pictures of two burnt trucks and a car were published on social media on a highway in the town of Habrosu in Kaya state, with charred bodies inside.

The Associated Press quoted eyewitnesses as saying that the victims were killed by the army’s bullets, and then their bodies were cremated.

Two workers for the non-profit organization Save the Children are still missing after their vehicle was among several cars that were attacked and burned in the accident in eastern Kaya state.

A member of a local PDF group said its fighters found the vehicles on Saturday morning after they were told that the army had stopped several cars in Hebroso after clashes nearby on Friday.

Myanmar has been in chaos since the February coup, with more than 1,300 people killed in a crackdown by security forces, according to a local monitoring group.

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