Omicron is more widespread .. Corona disturbs birthdays, and Biden’s advisor warns of high infections and heralds tablets to treat the virus

Anthony Fauci, the chief medical advisor to the US President, said that the average number of cases of Corona virus during the past week amounted to about 150,000 and is likely to rise significantly, while Europe is witnessing a record increase in the number of people infected with the virus.

According to (CNN), the number of new daily infections with the Amicron mutant in the United States exceeded what was monitored during the wave of the Delta mutant outbreak.

Anthony Fauci said that “there are a sufficient number of artificial respirators in the national strategic stockpile if necessary to resort to them.”

Chief medical advisor to US President Anthony Fauci (Reuters)

In an interview with “ABC” (ABC), Fauci stressed that the infection of the omicron mutant is unusual, and the mutant has outperformed even the most transmissible variants, including delta.

But he pointed out that data from other countries indicate that the Amicron mutant is less severe, “but we must be careful about that. We should not think about giving up wearing masks on planes.”

Fauci relied on the Corona virus treatment tablets, especially those developed by Pfizer, saying that they would make a big difference in the approach to confronting the pandemic.

“We have to make sure we have enough of these pills to be able to use them widely as quickly as possible,” he added.

suffering in europe

During the past hours, France crossed the 100,000 mark of infection with the emerging coronavirus, while the Omicron mutated negatively affected Christmas celebrations and caused disruption to air traffic.

Many countries have re-imposed precautionary measures to confront Omicron, which is described as the most prevalent among the types of the emerging corona virus.

And the health authorities in France announced, on Sunday, that more than 100,000 cases of corona had been recorded, for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, in a daily record number driven by the mutant Omicron.

And the Ministry of Public Health said, in a statement, that it had recorded 104,611 cases of Covid-19, which is higher than the record number it recorded on December 22, which amounted to 84,272.

And while the French government is considering stricter measures, Italy has also seen its highest cases.

This remarkable escalation in injuries comes days after the health situation deteriorated in the United Kingdom, whose injuries also crossed the 100,000 mark for the first time since the beginning of Corona.

The number of infections took a new turn after the discovery of the highly contagious Omicron mutant in the last week of November.

A study revealed that the Corona virus can spread within days from the airways to the heart, brain and almost every organ in the body, where it may persist for a few months.

Globally, the total number of registered cases reached 279 million, and the number of deaths reached 5.39 million, while more than about 9 billion doses of vaccine were administered.

Prime Minister in isolation

The office of Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said that tests showed that he was not infected with Covid-19, today, Sunday, after his 14-year-old daughter was confirmed to have contracted the Corona virus.

Bennett had left the weekly meeting of his cabinet and went to his home to begin self-isolation after learning that his daughter, who came amid a rapid spread of infection in Israel due to the Omicron mutant, was confirmed to have contracted the virus.

The Prime Minister’s Office said the prime minister’s daughter had been vaccinated against COVID-19, without revealing whether she was infected with Omicron or the delta strain also prevalent in Israel.

Corona in its infancy

In China, from which the Corona virus first emerged at the end of 2019, the authorities recorded the highest number of infections in nearly two years.

And the National Health Committee of China said – today, Sunday – that during the past 24 hours, 206 confirmed cases of the Corona virus were detected on the mainland, which is the highest toll in 21 months.

The committee added that 158 ​​of the total of these injuries are local, while the rest are from abroad.

And she added that 155 new infections were recorded in the city of Xi’an (northwest China), which is subject for the fourth consecutive day to a quarantine imposed by the authorities in order to contain the outbreak of the virus, and the city had recorded 75 cases of the disease the previous day.

Last Wednesday, the authorities asked the 13 million residents of Xi’an to stay in their homes, and announced that only one person from each family was allowed to go out shopping every two days.

In Africa, Nigerian presidential spokesman Garba Shehu confirmed his infection with the Corona virus, and said that he is currently in isolation and undergoing treatment at his home.

Thus, Shehu – who is in his late fifties – is the closest person to President Muhammadu Buhari, 79, to be infected with the virus.

Local newspapers in Nigeria reported that some of Buhari’s aides and senior officials were infected with the virus, including Information Minister Lai Muhammad.

air transport disruption

US airlines canceled nearly 1,900 flights for the weekend due to staff shortages linked to a sharp rise in cases.

Omicron and tens of thousands were forced to change their plans for the Christmas holidays. And Delta Air Lines expected more than 300 cancellations of its flights today.

Globally, the location data showed that nearly 2,150 flights were canceled today, and another 5,798 flights were delayed.

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