Russia is studying a proposal to start talks next month with NATO and considers Ukraine’s accession to it a red line

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said Ukraine’s accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is a red line, coinciding with Moscow’s announcement that it is studying a proposal from the alliance to start talks next month.

Putin announced that he would consider a range of options if Western countries did not respond to his request to give Russia security guarantees, including refraining from annexing Ukraine to NATO.

He also expressed his concerns that Western countries would use the talks on security guarantees to stall and strengthen their military presence in Ukraine.

And Putin said – last Thursday – that Russia wants to avoid a conflict, but it needs an “urgent” response from the United States and its allies to the demands for security guarantees that it submitted.

Possible encounter

For its part, the TASS news agency quoted the Russian Foreign Ministry as saying that Russia had received a proposal from NATO to start talks on January 12 regarding Moscow’s security concerns, and that it was studying the proposal.

And last week, Russia revealed a list of security proposals it wants to negotiate, including a pledge by NATO to abandon any military activity in Eastern Europe and Ukraine.

“We have already received this offer (from the alliance), and we are studying it,” the agency quoted the Russian Foreign Ministry as saying.

ready to invade

The United States and Ukraine say Russia may be preparing to invade its “former Soviet” neighbor, but Moscow denies this, and says Ukraine’s growing relationship with NATO is the cause of the escalation.

The administration of US President Joe Biden has stated that some of the Russian security proposals are clearly unacceptable, but Washington will respond with more concrete ideas to the format on which any talks will take place.

The Kremlin’s demands include that Russia have an effective right to object to Ukraine’s future membership in NATO, which the West has already rejected.

Other proposals relate to the withdrawal of US nuclear weapons from Europe, and the withdrawal of NATO multinational forces from Poland and the former Soviet republics: Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

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