Witness- Sofiane Lokar and Makhled Al-Raqadi .. Why do young athletes die on the green rectangle?

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Recently, cases of heart disease affecting players have increased, and between an athlete who loses his life and another who retires, confusing questions remain about this painful medical phenomenon.

The latest victim of these injuries is the Algerian player Sofiane Locar, who died after falling on the field, during a meeting between his team “Moldia Saida” with the team “Association of Oran” in the Algerian second division. And the death of Locar, 22, due to a heart attack, brought back memory of similar incidents that affected a number of players.

Last week, the television broadcast of a match in the Omani league between Muscat SC and Omani Suwaiq teams was delayed in the sixth round of the league, due to the tragic death of Muscat FC defender Mukhallad Al-Raqadi during the warm-up process due to a severe heart attack.

It is noteworthy that the accidents of young athletes falling are all related to heart problems and have become a matter of astonishment and wonder.

Last October, during the match between Barcelona and Alaves in the Spanish League, Argentine striker Sergio Aguero, 32, fell to the ground holding his chest and complained of continuous pain. During medical examinations, it was found that he suffers from heart rhythm disturbances and then announces his retirement from the game.

Lucar and Aguero preceded the death of Adham El Solhdar, the former Egyptian Ismaili star and coach of the Alexandrian team, Al Majd, after he died of a heart attack, after his team scored a winning goal in the last seconds, against Al Zarqa team, in the Egyptian second division.

On the 21st of this month, the club “Tornado”, participating in the Indonesian third-tier football league, announced the death of goalkeeper Tawfiq Ramzi, after colliding with an opponent during the match.

The beginning of these painful incidents this year was with the Danish player Christian Eriksen, who fell unconscious in the European Championship 2020 last June when he suffered a heart attack during the first half of the match Denmark against Finland in Copenhagen.

And Eriksen’s life – whose team Inter terminated his contract due to his inability to play again in the Italian league – saved his life after performing a cardiopulmonary resuscitation on him on the field and using a defibrillator to restore his heart to work, before he was transferred to the hospital, where he recovered after undergoing heart surgery.

These heart diseases in athletes open the door to big questions: How do athletes develop heart disease?

They are generally healthy, get regular checkups, are surrounded by almost strict healthy diets, and exercise is a routine for any athlete.

Do athletes really bear what they cannot handle in gyms? Are players exposed to strong loads during training? Do nutritional supplements have a role in such unfortunate incidents?

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