5 career skills to be learned in 2022, according to experts

The start of the new year is often the best time to focus on career development. According to the US Department of Labor, the economy is experiencing some recovery, and some industrial sectors have been able to compensate for some of the jobs that they have lost since the early days of the epidemic, according to an article published by the American CNBC.

In his article on the site, Scott Steinberg, an expert in the field of innovation and the future of business, advises focusing on 5 skills that can enhance one’s professional skills in 2022. He also recommends free online training courses through which to learn those skills, as follows:

1- problem solving

It will be beneficial in the future to think critically and creatively about your work, adding unique skills, experience and good relationships to your professional skills.

Not only will thinking outside the box help you come up with innovative solutions, it will also give you the tools to demonstrate your ability to solve new and interesting problems.

For example, the time you spend analyzing a different type of business or connecting with people in a different industry can help you find new ways of thinking about solving a particular problem or new tools your team can use.

2- Strategic planning

Future experts do not make predictions about what will happen in the future, but rather identify trends in society or the market and take into account the impact that these trends may have.

by using scenarios that answer the question “What if…?”; To represent different strategies and their results, we help people identify the strategic direction to take and plot alternative strategies in the event of a sudden and unexpected turn in the future.

You can apply the same technique to your career or work, and learning how to look at the different directions your field or career may take in the future can help you map your future moves, come up with a backup plan, and protect yourself from the unknown.

The author recommends the free strategic planning course to achieve this skill; Strategic Planning Skills.

3. Make decisions

We will all be required to make quick and impactful choices in 2022. Even though we don’t have the same level of information or time to plan as we did in the pre-Covid-19 era.

We may feel underqualified to do so, but it is a common occurrence. Before the outbreak of the epidemic, the fear of making mistakes was the biggest fear in the workplace.

The willingness to continue making decisions is 99% of leadership skills. Therefore, train yourself on how to judge things well and trust your feelings, and this will distinguish you from others who become very nervous when making decisions, which makes it difficult for them to resolve matters.

Recommended free course Critical Thinking for Better Judgment and Decision Making.

4. The ability to listen

A recent study published by McKinsey found that companies that reported a good level of racial and cultural diversity in their executive teams in the top quartile of the study were 33% more likely to achieve profits and industry leadership than those who did not achieve that diversity.

So we can say that people who are striving for business success in 2022 and beyond need to know how to tap into a wide range of talents, perspectives, and skills. This requires the ability to listen well to others and their opinions.

Recommended free course: How to Listen.

Recommendation: Learn how to gather ideas from others and deepen connections through active listening.

5. Logistics matters

If your daily schedule is a mess, know that you are not alone and you may need to mentally prepare for 2022.

Work deadlines have become narrower, and job responsibilities become larger. In the next few years, you may find yourself being asked to think as if you were a project manager, even if it just means finding effective ways to do the after-school activities for your kids during your already busy remote work schedule.

In these circumstances, mastering the use of logistics is the secret of success. For example, if you were able to get to your grandmother’s house this year for the Eid holiday by traveling through busy airports, travel restrictions, and other obstacles, know that you have the ability to efficiently prioritize your time and other resources.

Recommended free course: Introduction to Project Management.

Recommendation: Learn how to apply the basics of project management to your work and life.

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