Bad luck chasing “Soad” .. The exclusion of an Egyptian movie from the Oscar nominations and a dispute between its makers

Tunisian producer Dora Bouchoucha has set the date for the movie “Souad” to be shown on December 27 in Tunisian theaters.

The Egyptian film “Souad” by director Aiten Amin, which was nominated for an Oscar as the best foreign film about Egypt, is facing a severe crisis, as it is not shown in cinemas, after disputes arose between its makers.

Leaving the Oscars

These differences coincided with the film’s exit from the Oscar nominations, after the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences “Oscar” announced 15 films that managed to reach the short list to compete for the best foreign film category, while “Souad” did not reach this stage.

Filmmakers’ crisis

For her part, the director confirmed – within an intervention with the “Kol Al-Hekaya” program with the media Amr Adib – that the film’s failure to show the film commercially in Egypt would certainly have affected his exit from the Oscars, but it did not reach the short list in the first place.

Aiten talked about the crisis that prevented the film from being shown recently in Egypt after it was scheduled to be shown in Zawya Cinema, and said that Mark Lotfy, the co-producer, wrote his name only on the papers related to the film as author and owner.

She added that he justified this by saying that he was well-intentioned, and he did so in order to accomplish the tasks easily, but the crisis arose after the filmmakers realized that they did not have any official papers before the state confirming that they were responsible for the film, which made them fall under threat during the commercial presentation of the film. In England, and while it was also shown at the Tribeca Festival.

This was also confirmed by the film’s author, Mahmoud Ezzat, who said in a statement that he had received correspondence from Marc Lotfi’s lawyers in order to stop the film’s march in international festivals.

Aiten added that this was not the only dispute, as there was mismanagement of funds in the preparations for the film, and producer Mohamed Hefzy intervened to solve this crisis, especially since the film has a low budget.

In his statement, the writer also said that co-producer Mark Lotfi had registered his name as the author of the film, at the censorship of artistic works, to have the responsible person in front of her.

breach of contracts

Lotfi commented on the crisis through his personal account on Facebook, and said that all official filming permits before the state are in the names of its makers, and that the film is legally unstoppable, and added that the litigating party is exerting pressure to have his name removed from the film’s producers in the official poster (the official propaganda poster), which is what They also did it in the movie sequences, which violates contracts.

Lutfi added that he does not object to the official assignment of the distributor, provided that the contract agreement is implemented.

Show in Tunisia

At a time when the filmmakers’ crisis caused the film to not be shown commercially in Egypt, Tunisian producer Dora Bouchoucha and co-producer of the film set December 27 for the film to be shown in Tunisian cinemas, after which it will be shown in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The movie “Soad” was nominated to represent Egypt in the Oscars, after the meeting of the selection committee for the film nominated to represent Egypt, but it was excluded from the list a few days ago. Lotfi.

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