Corona .. a huge rise in injuries in the United States, and France is considering imposing new measures

Daily infections with the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) in the United States recorded a tremendous increase, and the rate of increase reached 83% in two weeks, while the French government is holding a meeting today to approve new measures to confront the spread of the highly contagious Omicron mutant.

The weekly average of cases exceeded 200,000 at the beginning of the week, and according to the New York Times, the average for the last 7 days amounted to 214,499 injuries.

And it was announced that 181 thousand and 348 injuries were recorded yesterday, Sunday, bringing the total number of people infected in the United States to 52 million, 283 thousand and 331.

And at a time when the country is witnessing an increase in the number of injuries, the White House’s chief adviser to combat the pandemic, Anthony Fauci, confirmed yesterday, Sunday, that the shortage of “Covid-19” tests to detect injuries in the United States will soon be resolved.

On the occasion of the end of the year holidays, the United States witnessed a great demand for examinations, especially those that are carried out at home.

“One of the problems at the moment is that (tests) will not be available to everyone before next January,” the epidemiologist told ABC.


In France, after the country crossed the threshold of 100,000 cases of “Covid-19” the day before yesterday, Saturday, the government is conducting a reassessment of the epidemiological situation, and the French government is seeking to address the outbreak of the mutated Omicron in the country.

Today, Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron will hold, via video link, a session of the Health Defense Council, ahead of the Council of Ministers, which is supposed to adopt a bill providing for the mandatory certificate of vaccination.

The government is considering a bill that would require vaccination doses to be met to allow access to entertainment services, restaurants, cafes, exhibitions, seminars, shops and transportation.

France is witnessing calls to impose a curfew on New Year’s Eve, and the Supreme Health Authority recommended reducing the period to be completed in order to receive the booster dose of the vaccine, to 3 months.

Johnson may impose new restrictions (Anatolia)

Latest data

For his part, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is waiting for the latest data on the Corona epidemic today, Monday, to study whether he will impose new restrictions in England to stop the outbreak of the Omicron mutant.

And the British news agency reported that there are new measures already in place in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, but ministers have so far avoided imposing new rules on those in England, and hope instead that the warnings will encourage people to adjust their behavior on their own and adhere to the rules of social separation.

In China, the city of Xi’an – whose population of 13 million has been under quarantine since last Thursday – tightened its restrictions to combat “Covid-19” today, Monday, to the “most stringent” level, warning residents not to drive cars in all parts of the city, in an attempt to control The worst outbreak of the virus in the country in 21 months.

Since last year, China has been implementing the “zero Covid” strategy of doing everything in its power to limit new infections as much as possible.

The authorities are redoubling their caution to avoid any severe spread of the epidemic before the Winter Olympics in Beijing, scheduled for February 4-20.

But the historical city of Xi’an, known globally for its mud army or the “Terracotta” army, is currently the epicenter of the virus, and has caused an increase in the number of daily infections throughout the country, which is recording a record number.

Today, Monday, health measures were strengthened, with the city of Xi’an announcing that it would impose “the most stringent social control measures,” according to government accounts on social media.

The rapidly spreading mutant Omicron has doubled the number of infections in the world (Getty Images)

increase and limitation

On Monday, Australia recorded its first death from the mutated Omicron strain of the Corona virus, amid a further increase in daily infections, but the authorities refrained from imposing new restrictions, saying that hospital admission rates remained low.

In the Arab world, the Sultanate of Oman decided not to allow the employee or worker to enter his workplace when he did not submit a certificate of vaccination with the “Covid-19” vaccine, or a medical report proving the existence of health conditions that prevent him from receiving one of the anti-Coronavirus vaccines.

The Omani Ministry of Labor said, in a circular published by the Oman News Agency today, Monday, that this comes within the framework of a unified mechanism that it has set up to deal with unvaccinated employees in all units of the state’s administrative apparatus and other public legal persons, and workers in the private sector.

The Ministry required each employee or worker to provide his employer with a certificate of the “Covid-19” vaccine that proves that he obtained two doses of one of the anti-Coronavirus vaccines approved in the Sultanate of Oman, or provide it with a medical report from the health institution proving the existence of health conditions that prevent receiving these vaccines.

The high number of Covid-19 infections prompted countries to tighten their measures (Getty Images)

Cancellation of trips

In parallel developments, airlines canceled more than 2,100 flights worldwide today, Monday, also, due to the Omicron mutant, which causes disruptions in the travel sector with sick or quarantined pilots in particular.

According to the latest report issued by the specialized “Flight Aware” website today, Monday at 11:30 GMT, these disturbances included in particular China, Indonesia and the United States.

FlightAware recorded about 8,000 cancellations over the Christmas weekend.

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