He fought the vaccine and described Corona as a small virus.. The death of the strongest man in Belgium affected by Covid-19

Frederick Sinistra, the world champion in kickboxing, known for his strong opposition to receiving Corona vaccines, died days after leaving the hospital – at his will – with “Covid-19”.

Sinestra, nicknamed “Belgium’s Strongest Man,” won the world title three times.

Sinistra died at the age of 41 at his home in Sene, Belgium, after he decided to treat the “little virus” – according to him – himself at home, after his coach forced him to go to hospital on November 26 for treatment of the virus, where he underwent treatment. In intensive care, though.

Sinistra said that the “little virus” would not stop him, and expressed his objection to the precautionary measures imposed due to Corona, despite his earlier appearance in a video clip as he struggled to breathe, saying that he “has no time to waste with lazy people.”

Belgian media confirmed that Sinistra asked to be discharged from the hospital by signing the voluntary discharge, and two days after his release, he suffered a heart attack, after which he died.

And his wife announced his death, who wanted to send a message that Sinistra did not die of the Corona virus, saying, “He did not die of Covid-19. He would never have accepted that what happened to him was used to spread fear and demand a vaccination.”

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