Le Point: Me or chaos.. Which road map is Tunisia going on?

Said’s road map is closer to a map of doubt, as it is a leap into the unknown.

The French magazine Le Point (Le Point) said that it fell into great embarrassment because it seemed to be carrying bad news to others, when it asked the former Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki – who was not aware of the news – about his reaction immediately after the announcement of his sentence, “for 4 years in prison in his country.” ‘, seeming surprised and unaware of the matter.

The magazine explained – in a report Written by Benoit Delmas- Marzouki, when they told him the news, did not believe him at first, and said that he was not aware of any procedure and did not receive a summons, adding, “I cannot express how surprised and ashamed I am towards the justice that made this decision.” He said that he was ignorant of the reasons, because he had not received a letter from any court related to this matter.

Al-Marzouki explained that this punishment falls within the context of his public opposition to the current president, Qais Saeed, whom he calls “the leader of the coup”, knowing that “my diplomatic passport was taken from me several weeks ago,” and therefore the new president did not forgive his predecessor – who was president from 2011 to 2014 – He publicly exposed him to the “constitutional coup of July 25,” or what Tunisians eventually got used to as a presidential storm against “traitors” and “criminals.”

The first nail in the coffin of freedom of expression

The magazine asked: Is the reason for the four years of imprisonment that Marzouki suggested to French leaders – through the media – to postpone the Francophonie summit scheduled for November in the city of Djerba until Tunisian democratic institutions resume their work? As a result, the summit was postponed for a year, “officially” so that Tunisia could better prepare for it, and then Qais Saeed’s wrath against Marzouki erupted, to withdraw his diplomatic passport, and charge him with “compromising the security of the state from a foreign country” because of This televised statement.

The announcement of this ruling in absentia – as the magazine says – raised concern in Tunis, especially since the same week, former member of Parliament, Bouchra Belhaj Hamida, was sentenced to 4 months in prison for defamation because of a Facebook post. Although the two issues are not related, what is frightening is that the political use of justice has become a weapon to criminalize opponents, at a time when Tunisia has been living – for 5 months – without its “frozen” parliament until the end of 2022, and under the decrees of indisputable presidential laws.

One of the opponents of the current president said sarcastically that “this ruling was dreamed of by (former president Zine El Abidine) Ben Ali, and it was implemented by Kais Saied,” because the magazine comments that the conviction of the first president of the republic elected by the founding representatives is the first nail in the coffin of freedom of expression.

After 5 months of unlimited power, the magazine says, the strongman announced the roadmap for 2022, which includes a constitutional referendum in July, and legislative elections in December, on the basis of the referendum result, which may be the end of all the political construction that has been done Approval and vote on it in the aftermath of the revolution.

The magazine saw that Said’s road map is closer to a map of doubt, because it is clearly a leap into the unknown, especially when the president says he prefers “gross happiness output” to GDP, betting on the choice between July 25 or chaos.

The magazine concluded that the upcoming constitutional political campaign will be divisive and misplaced, as it is divisive because the institutional choices that were taken after the revolution will be extinguished, and they are dispersed and misplaced, because the economic and social situation is taking a disturbing turn.

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