Mama Noel.. An Iraqi woman spreads joy among the children in a camp for the displaced

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When Iraqi Shaima al-Abbasi was a child, the war forced her to move with her family and live in a camp for the displaced, where she was forced to drop out of school and marry at an early age.

Feeling that her childhood was stolen from her, Shaima is currently trying to bring happiness and joy to children who are facing difficult circumstances, and to celebrate with them on the occasion of Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Shaimaa, 24, said that she comes to the camp on her bike in the morning and stays until the evening to provide awareness, or some paragraphs or recreational activities, or psychological support, “because the children suffered greatly due to displacement, and some of them lost their parents, and they went through difficult conditions that I had previously gone through.” “.

She added that she had a harsh childhood, and she endured raising her younger siblings because of her mother’s illness, and she was forced to drop out of school and get married, and endure the problems and conditions she suffered after displacement.

Shaima comes to the camp on her bike dressed as “Mama Noel”, as the children are called, sings with them, plays, organizes competitions for them, then distributes gifts to them, reminding them to strive to achieve their dreams despite the hardships they face as a result of marriage.

Ali Salman, a worker with 4 children, said that the initiative is beautiful and makes the children happy despite their difficult circumstances, and demanded that a clean place and a clean environment be provided for them.

Shaima started this initiative in 2015, and at first she was only wearing a Santa Claus hat. By 2017, she was fully dressed as Mama Noel, and last year brought that festive atmosphere to Mosul.

She said that she tried to convey even a small part of what she can do in a short time to entertain the children, encourage them for their ambition, and also distribute some gifts to them by organizing a competition for them.

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