Panic or resistance operations? This is how Palestinians respond to organized settler attacks

Analysts do not rule out that Hamas and Islamic Jihad may form military cells that work against the occupation soldiers and settlers in the West Bank. This is what Israel also fears. It always talks about what it calls a “Hamas plot” against the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, to cover up its inability to control settlers.

Bethlehem- During the past few days, medical staff recorded dozens of Palestinian injuries, including what were described as serious, after organized attacks by settlers on Palestinian villages and towns. Israeli analysts estimated that these attacks might lead to a strong Palestinian reaction.

On Friday, settlers ran over a Palestinian woman near the village of Sinjil, north of Ramallah in the West Bank, which led to her death. On Wednesday, the Palestinians mourned a young man who was shot dead by Israeli bullets in the city of Al-Bireh, also near Ramallah.

Since the beginning of this December, 7 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli bullets in separate incidents, while attacks and attacks by settlers have caused hundreds of injuries in large-scale confrontations that took place in the villages north of Nablus in the northern West Bank, especially the village of Burqa, whose residents went out to confront the settlers’ incursions and attacks in final week.

Professor of Sociology at Bethlehem University Bilal Salameh believes that all the factors that qualify for the outbreak of a Palestinian uprising exist, and they need only some time to launch, but not in the form of the first and second intifada, due to the absence of organized Palestinian struggle.

Settlers walk under the protection of the occupation army after attacking many houses in the village of Burqa in the West Bank (communication sites)

Explosion recipe

The major partisan organizational entities in the West Bank were dismantled after 2007 (following the Palestinian division), according to Salameh, who told Al Jazeera Net: that the settlers’ implementation of their plans under the current Israeli government, and the absence of an official Palestinian policy to confront these plans, may lead to an explosion of matters on the ground .

But – according to the academic – the Palestinian responses will be individual and not organized, and will take the nature of “dread”, in light of the Palestinian Authority’s failure to support any action resisting the occupation, and by virtue of the security grip and coordination between the Authority’s security services and Israel, so any Palestinian movement can be contained, but the matter may It is developing a comprehensive confrontation, because the numbing of the Palestinian street cannot continue for a long time.

loss of control

Salameh’s opinion intersects with the assessment of the Israeli affairs specialist, Ismat Mansour, who said that the Palestinian and Israeli leaderships will lose control of the field at a certain moment.

The Israeli government – according to Mansour – is headed by Naftali Bennett with weak political experience, and represents an Israeli party that has no political weight, and his government will not stop the settlers’ movements, especially since opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu sets difficult agendas for it that were not limited to legislation in the Knesset, but extended to the test. On the ground, which distanced the presence of a clear Israeli policy towards settlement.

Israeli chaos

In addition, the Minister of the Israeli occupation army, Benny Gantz, believes that the Palestinian Authority must be supported, and is working with the American side on this, and the Israeli Minister of Regional Affairs, who belongs to the Meretz party, who supports this trend, shares that, but Bennett and other right-wing parties go along with the settlers and cannot restrain their movements, according to victorious.

And Mansour believes – in his speech to Al-Jazeera Net – that the state of chaos in the Israeli government was reflected in the field, especially in the occupied West Bank, and the danger in this is that the attacks of settlers have become organized, collectively and with extensive attacks and is not limited to an attack here or there that can be controlled.

As for the Palestinians, according to Mansour, there is a state of clear internal despair, whether at the political or living level, in addition to the state of anger towards the organized and repeated attacks by settlers, the economic weakness of the Palestinian Authority, and the possibility of a new war on Gaza due to the bitter reality there, and all of these facts are a recipe for explosion Without a doubt.

Military cells..but

Mansour did not rule out that Hamas and Islamic Jihad would form military cells to work against the occupation soldiers and settlers in the West Bank, which is what Israel also fears, as it always talks about what it calls a “Hamas conspiracy” against the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, “as if it blames others for its failure to control Things in the field”, which may move towards resistance operations, but not in an organized or qualitative manner.

And Gal Burger, a specialist in Palestinian affairs, had recently told the Hebrew channel Kan that the Israeli security authorities had counted 12 Palestinian operations against the occupation soldiers and settlers during the past week, one of which led to the killing of a settler near the evacuated settlement of Homesh in the northern West Bank.

Recently, Israeli analysts expected that matters will move towards an escalation in Palestinian resistance, in light of the settlers’ attacks on Palestinians, their property and holy sites, which continue almost daily throughout the occupied West Bank.

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