Tunisia.. The Ennahda movement and the “Citizens Against the Coup” campaign confirm the deterioration of the health of two hunger strikers

The Ennahda movement and the “Citizens Against the Coup” campaign in Tunisia confirmed today, Monday, the deterioration of the health of two participants in a hunger strike in rejection of President Kais Saied’s measures.

The movement (53 out of a total of 217 deputies in parliament) published on its Facebook account a picture of Bouhlel, and indicated that this development comes on the fifth day of the strike called by the Citizens Against the Coup campaign, a campaign to protest Said’s actions, which his opponents describe as a coup against the constitution. and revolution.

For its part, the campaign confirmed – in a statement – the deterioration of the health of the official spokesman for the hunger strikers, Ezz El-Din El-Hazki.

A few days ago, Ennahda published a statement expressing its support for the strike, which it said aimed to denounce violations of freedoms and demand the resumption of the democratic path, noting the participation of MP Fayza Bouhlal and the leader Al-Ajami Al-Warimi in this strike.

On July 25, the Tunisian president announced exceptional measures that he said he had taken under Article 80 of the constitution, which included suspending parliament and dissolving the government, and on September 22 last he took additional decisions according to which he acquired all powers.


On the other hand, the “Hrak 14-17” organized today a protest sit-in in the city of Gafsa (southwest) to reject the president’s decisions and his exceptional measures.

Video clips broadcast on social media showed a number of movement activists gathering in front of the Gafsa Court, raising slogans in support of the judiciary against what they considered to be pressure exerted by President Kais Saied.

The Ennahda Movement and other political forces accuse President Saied of pressuring the judiciary in order to target his opponents.

Saeed faces accusations from several political forces of seeking to establish an authoritarian regime, but he has repeatedly denied this, and said that his goal is to save the state from collapse and eliminate corruption.

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