Watch .. a goalkeeper obstructs the referee to get a red card and the fans attack him


Kuwaiti football fans expressed their anger at what Al-Qadisiyah goalkeeper Khaled Al-Rashidi did, after he deliberately obstructed the referee of his team’s match against its host Salmiya and was subjected to a direct expulsion, in a behavior that sparked a lot of controversy on the communication platforms.

Video clips spread on social media showed the 34-year-old veteran goalkeeper’s apparent intention to obstruct the referee, after the decision to award a penalty kick in favor of the Salmiya team in the time calculated instead of the lost time of the match.

In vain, Al-Qadisiyah players tried to pressure the referee so that he would not expel the goalkeeper after his strange behavior, but the referee did not reverse his decision and issued a direct red card in the face of Al-Rashidi.

Al-Rashidi caused the penalty kick against his team before he was sent off, as the score was 2-2 between the two teams, but after the goalkeeper was sent off and the penalty kick was scored, Al-Qadisiyah lost 3-2.

Mass attack on Rashidi

Tweeters criticized the goalkeeper’s strange behavior towards the match referee, demanding that he be punished and suspended for more than one match for not respecting the referee.

And a tweeter talked about the reason that prompts the players to such behavior, saying, “What the Qadisiyah club guard did in violation of the referee, this is clear evidence of the lack of strictness in the application of penalties, and I think if the penalties were strong, Al-Rashidi and other players would have thought before any step.” They step it against the referee.”

Another described Al-Rashidi deliberately obstructing the referee as “irresponsible”, noting that it resulted in the award of a penalty kick to Al-Qadisiyah and he was expelled, and the team lost.

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