With the beginning of 2022.. new models and brands and a special presence for sports cars

With the beginning of the new year, the world of cars is witnessing the launch of new models. 2022 is expected to witness a special presence of sports utility vehicles “SUV” (SUV) based on an electric motor.

This trend is exemplified by the Audi Q6 e-tron. Ford is also offering a compact electric SUV in the SUV segment that uses technology from its partner Volkswagen’s ID3 vehicle.

The luxury Mercedes EQE based on electric drive (German)

Mercedes is showing the luxury class “EQS” (EQS, EQE)) in the dress of attractive “SUV” models. Nissan introduces its Ariya in the summer, and Polestar 3 launches this year.

In the second half of the year, Toyota and Subaru will offer the bZ4X and Solterra models, while Skoda will also introduce the coupe version of the Enyaq and the Niro model from Kia based on the Kia engine. Internal combustion, and Tesla is offering its Model Y and Model X electric cars an extensive upgrade.

SsangYong is going electric with her new Korando. For those who do not wish to own an electric vehicle in the SUV category, in the regular electric models segment, Renault offers the Mégane E-Tech and also launches the Kangoo during the summer.

Ford announced the launch of the electric version of the service car “Transit”, and Hyundai is offering the “Ioniq 6” during this year as well.

Electric Nissan Aria (German)

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Even completely new brands want to go the pure electric propulsion route, with Vietnamese “Vinfast” hoping to develop an entire fleet of electric models, and China’s “Neo” has at least 3 models preparing for launch, including a saloon car with a range of more than 1,000 kilometer.

Alfa Romeo unveils the “Tonale” during the summer, while “BMW” launches the “XM” with 550 kW / 750 hp, and in addition to this, the new Mercedes increases the GLC. Competition is fierce in this sector.

Alfa Romeo unveils “Tonal” during the summer (German)

Category “Pickup”

In the pickup category, Ford and Volkswagen present the new Ranger and Amarok models. In the off-road model category, the new Range Rover is presented, while Opel contributes the Grandland to its new generation.

Ford Ranger Pickup to be launched in 2022 (German)

Mazda unveils its new CX-60, Mitsubishi introduces the next generation of its Outlander icon, Suzuki presents its new S-Cross, and Kia launches the next-generation The fifth of its icon “Sportage” while Renault replaces the “Kadjar” with the “Austral” model.

Also standing on the launch pad are the Volvo XC90, Subaru Forrester Combi, Grand Cherokee and Cadillac Escalade.

For cars that wish to gradually shift towards electric propulsion by adopting plug-in hybrid drive technology, we see the new Opel “Astra”, which appears during the spring as a hatchback model, and then the Combi version in the fall, in addition to In addition, Honda presents the new generation of its “Civic” car.

BMW is attracting the attention of its customers with the new generation of the luxury 7 Series car and the new Active Tourer family car, as well as Ford introduces the Tourneo Connect and Mercedes unveils the T-Class ) new.

Citroen presents its new C5X in the middle class (German)

small cars

Toyota wants to prove that small cars are still much more awaited in the future with the Aygo model, and Citroen presents its C5X in the mid-range segment.

In the models, which enjoy high performance rates, Toyota offers the GR 86, and BMW offers the M2 along with the Pininfarina hypercar “Battista” and Aston Martin “Valkyr.” (Valkyrie). McLaren’s new super sports car, the Artura, is powered by a plug-in hybrid system. Mercedes wants to revive the legendary SL once again, and Lotus has announced the launch of the new Emira in 2022.

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