A fistfight and a fight in the Jordanian parliament during a discussion of constitutional amendments

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The Speaker of the Jordanian House of Representatives announced the adjournment of the parliament session, which was devoted to discussing the constitutional amendments, to tomorrow, Wednesday, following a fistfight between the deputies under the parliament dome after the resumption of the morning session.

The session witnessed a split between supporters and opponents of the first amendment discussed in Parliament, related to adding the word “Jordanians” to “Jordanians” in the articles of the constitution. The head of the Council had insulted a deputy, and expelled him from the meeting.

Local media – including Al-Mamlaka TV and the army’s Hala News website – published video clips of Hassan Al-Riyati, a deputy from the Islamic Action Front party, punching his colleague Andre Hawari (independent).

quarrel and objection

As a result of the quarrel, Abdul Karim Al-Daghmi, Speaker of the Parliament – the first chamber of Parliament – adjourned the session until tomorrow, to complete the discussion of the constitutional amendments.

Before that, Al-Daghmi adjourned the session for half an hour, after some deputies raised their voices during their objection to the defense of the Chairman of the Legal Committee in Parliament Abdel Moneim Al-Awdat about the constitutional amendments.

The nature of the parliament’s objections to the constitutional amendments, whose discussion will resume on Wednesday, was not clear, but observers believe that the reason for the objection may be due to some people believing that the amendments may affect the powers of the parliament.

The Council’s discussion of the amendments comes after the Legal Committee concluded its discussion last Sunday.

The amendments are recommendations from the committee that was formed last June by royal order, with the aim of modernizing the country’s political system.

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