After the suicide of an employee who was reprimanded .. Egyptian anger on the communication platforms and demands to improve the work environment

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A state of sadness prevailed on Egyptian digital platforms, and a wave of condemnation overwhelmed social networking sites, after news spread about an Egyptian employee at a call center who ended his life due to the pressures of his work and his financial conditions.

The eighth bulletin – your publication (12/28/2021) continued the interaction with the tragic incident that fueled the anger of social media users, due to what they considered the management’s mishandling, and what they described as the harsh working conditions in customer service centers.

Activists interacted with the hashtag (# Haq_Noureddine), which brought back to the fore the discussion about the need to create a sound work environment that accepts direction and criticism and rejects oppression and insult.

Some also criticized what was considered administrative domination, and they resented the lack of consideration for the conditions of employees in many workplaces.

Samra tweeted, “The idea that you are afraid to lose your job, even if you insult it or deal with a monster in it, because you are afraid that you will not find a job like him, and you will be satisfied with a few.

As for Muhammad Ahmed, he wrote, “It does not mean that the economic growth figures and the local and national product are high, that people are happy, because people will remain happy when there are labor laws that preserve the rights of employees and have an integrated, comprehensive and real social security system.”

Majed Azmy tweeted, “The suicide of an employee due to the manager’s pressure and debts should not be taken only in terms of the injustice of the company, even if it exists… But this is an alarm bell that opens other files such as psychological fragility and troubled marital relations, and finally the meaning of life for each person, and the spiritual dimension.”

And Maryam Zayed said in her tweet, “It seems that the situation requires the life of #Noor_Ashour and other upcoming victims to shed light on the chain of slavery that dominates most fields of work as a successful environment… Have mercy on those on earth and those in the heavens will have mercy on you!”

On the other hand, Walid Al-Saadani wrote, “There is no justification in the universe for a person to commit suicide. We all have circumstances, problems, life, work pressure and injustice in life, but there is no need for a person to finish a need that does not belong to him.. The soul and life are in the hands of our Lord, and there is no final justification for suicide, whatever it is. “.

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