Egypt..a thief fell asleep in a house he robbed and fell into the hands of the police

A thief fell asleep in a house he had infiltrated to rob in southern Egypt, and he fell into the hands of the police, and Egyptian media – including the “Masrawy” website – described the incident as “funny and strange.”

And according to the website of the Egyptian newspaper, Al-Dustour, “The Public Prosecution Office in Luxor (south) conducted its investigations yesterday into the arrest of a 30-year-old thief sleeping inside a family home in the city center of Luxor, after he fell asleep during the theft of the house, and requested security investigations about the activity of the accused. “.

Investigations revealed that the accused infiltrated the house in the absence of his owners, to carry out a theft crime, and when he sat in the house, he fell asleep, and as soon as the owners of the house returned, they were surprised by him, so the neighbors called for help, caught him, and handed him over to the police, and a report was issued for the initiation of theft before the accused was presented to the prosecution, according to Location.

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