“Either you win the African Nations Cup or you get the money back.” This is how Guinean President Mamadi Domboya warned his country’s players

It is not surprising in the title if we know that the interim Guinean president, Mamady Domboya, is an army general who seized power after a military coup against an elected president, Alpha Omar Konnery.

Before his country’s players headed to Cameroon to participate in the African Nations Cup, which will start on the ninth of next January, General Domboya organized a party for them, to hand over the country’s flag to the members of the team’s mission.

During the ceremony, Domboya sent a message in which he mixed a warning with a threat to the players, in which he said, “Bring the cup, or you will pay the money that was spent on you.”

He continued – according to local media – that the players should go to Cameroon as soldiers fighting at the front, to defend the honor and dignity of the country, and concluded, “Through you, we must feel the greatness of the people of Guinea, and through your performance on the field we will restore the dignity and courage of this people.”

The Guinean team plays in the continental championship in Group B, along with Senegal, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

It is noteworthy that Domboya seized power, after a coup he carried out last September against President Connery.

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