Foreign Policy: 5 reasons to be optimistic about 2022

At the beginning of 2021, people were looking forward to this year with great hope, as vaccines for the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) had just been discovered, and an end to the pandemic that afflicted countries appeared on the horizon, and it seemed as if the global economy was witnessing a new start.

However, much of that optimism that prevailed in January 2021 was exaggerated, as are commodity prices today.

With the beginning of 2022 approaching, when a spirit of optimism and a positive outlook is spreading among people, the American Foreign Policy magazine cited 5 reasons that it said indicated that the situation this year would not be all gloomy.

Al Jazeera Net summarizes below those reasons mentioned in the article Written by Charles Kenny, Director of Technology and Development and Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Global Development:

1- Developing countries will be vaccinated:

In 2021, COVID-19 vaccines were injected into more than 4 billion human arms worldwide, with most of those injecting receiving two or three doses. However, this unprecedented global vaccination campaign has never been fair. Millions of least vulnerable people in high-income countries received the third dose even before most of the most vulnerable people in low-income countries received the first dose.

The author of the article says that the picture in 2022 will improve quickly. It is scheduled that Africa will receive – in theory – by March about one billion doses of vaccines, enough to vaccinate 70% of the continent’s population.

But stockpiling the vaccines in rich countries could slow down the transmission of those vaccines to Africa, which would make what reaches the continent significantly less effective against the Omicron mutant.

The writer believes that vaccines against the new mutants of the virus will be distributed faster, which should lead to reducing the “unreasonable” gap between high-income and low-income countries.

And it will not be limited to the Corona pandemic alone, as the new year will witness the first malaria vaccine, a disease that killed about 627,000 people in 2020. The modern pharmaceutical company will also conduct the first phase of its clinical trials of a vaccine against AIDS based on the same RNA technology ( mRNA technology) used to prevent COVID-19.

2- Adding more sustainable energy to electricity networks:

The new year will be on track to record an increase in the capacity to generate electricity from renewable energy sources more than ever before. The world’s largest solar farm will be commissioned in Abu Dhabi.

Not only will generating capacity be increased by wind and sunlight alone, there is an international reassessment of reducing carbon emissions from nuclear power generation to zero.

It is also likely that we will see a lot of discussion about decisions related to the closure of existing nuclear power plants in countries such as the United States and possibly Germany as well. A safer technology is on the way. The United States is developing modular reactors and is expected to come out in public next year.

3- The largest country will be a democracy:

Don’t go too far with your imagination. The author of the article does not expect a revolution in China. Rather, it means that India is on the way to becoming the most populous country in 2022.

The United Nations expects that the population of India will reach 1.413 billion people before the end of the year, while the population of China in 2021 was about 1.412 billion, a number that is declining due to the decline in its birth rate.

Although India’s image as a giant South Asian democracy has been seriously tarnished in recent years by attacks on minority rights and freedom of expression, it remains a united country that espouses liberal democratic ideals, unlike China, which the Foreign Policy article describes as increasingly authoritarian.

4- Advanced economies will return to what they were before the outbreak of the pandemic:

The International Monetary Fund indicated – in its recently published statistics – that the economies of the richest countries declined by 4.5% in 2020, but that economy returned to grow at a rate of 5.2% this year.

Unless there is a collapse caused by the Omicron mutated, it is expected that these economies will witness another growth of 4.5% during 2022. The strong economic performance in the two mentioned years will not only compensate for the collapse that occurred in 2020, but will return the advanced economies to their previous era, according to performance expectations before the outbreak of the pandemic.

5- It is the year of the tiger:

2022 will be the year of the tiger according to the Chinese calendar. It is the same year that will witness the completion of the global program to double the number of tigers in 13 Asian countries, which is the most ambitious and successful attempt targeting one species.

It is not known whether the program will achieve its goal or not, but it is known that progress has been made in this aspect, as the past six years alone have witnessed a 40% increase in the number of tigers in protected areas in 6 countries.

Although global biodiversity is still threatened and not sufficiently protected, the tiger doubling program is an indication that efforts to protect endangered species are improving to allow them to coexist and grow.

This is thanks to the modern agriculture represented by new crop types, fertilizers and mechanization that make the same land produce more agricultural crops than before, thus reducing the pressure to find other places for cultivation.

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