GM presents electrical components for classic cars, ships and commercial vehicles

From the outside, the Chevrolet E-10 can hardly be seen that it is fully electric. Source:

By some sort of Umbau-Kit of different Electrocomponent, various vehicles are to be electrified and thereby emissionsfrei can be operated. General Motors (GM) itself, sees a potential market of up to $ 20 billion in 2030, as more and more industries in the field of mobility Emissions reduction targets introduce. GM wants to start the project as early as next year. 2022 Conversion kits are to appear, which will transfer Chevrolet oldtimers to electric cars.

Oldtimers appear with a new heart and charm

Illustration of the Chevy e10 engine compartment
Carburetors, fans and the like are in vain in the engine compartment of the Chevrolet E-10. There is now an electric motor unit here for this purpose. Source:

Electric Connect as well as that Cruise eCrate-Package are the concepts of GM. It is built on the fact that certified workshops den Internal combustion engine versus an electrical unit To deceive. So it’s time to say goodbye to the characteristic V8 sound from the engine compartment. Nor will the converted oldies smell of petrol or oil. That’s why they have one promising and sustainable drive and will be allowed to stay on the streets even longer.

Illustration of the Elektro El Camino
The electrified Chevrolet El Camino is the most recent, converted classic car model to date. Source:

There are already some models in which Chevrolet (GM) has breathed new life into old bodies. So it became E-10 Pickup, which was originally a 1962 Chevrolet C-10, electrified. The same became with that K-5 Blazer-E (1977 Chevrolet Blazer) and the eCOPO Camaro (2019 Chevrolet Camaro) and the Project X (1957 Chevrolet Hot Rod) enforced. The most recent member of the electric family to date is the eElectrified 1971 Chevrolet El Camino. With this model, the eCrate package was not installed directly by Chevrolet itself for the first time. This was done by a tuning company, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering.

Expansion to almost all traffic routes

GM infographic illustration
GM wants to position electrical kits in the aerospace, rail, maritime, fleet systems and retrofit sectors. Source:

In addition to the classic cars, too other vehicles can be rebuilt. With the Powered Solutions and the Marine division, GM Electrical kits for ships or boats, trucks and various other commercial vehicles as well as off-road vehicles introduce in the coming years. Join in Cooperations in the areas of railways, fleet management and shipbuilding. GM also has a cooperation with Textron GSE, a provider of Ground handling vehicles at airports. This should enable belt loaders, baggage carts and freight cars to move electrically.


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