Gunman shoots 4 people dead in Denver

Police said that a gunman killed 4 people during a shooting in Denver and a nearby suburb in the state of Colorado (western United States), before he was killed during a clash with its members.

Police added that the gunman opened fire on Monday evening (local time) in Denver, killing two women and wounding a man near a tattoo parlour, and later killing a man at another location in the city, then shooting again before fleeing in a car to the town of Lakewood, a few kilometers away. from Denver.

The police added that the gunman killed a fourth person in Lakewood, and clashed twice with its officers before he was killed there, noting that he was alone.

The police also said that one of its officers was wounded during the exchange of fire with the attacker, explaining that his condition was stable when he was taken to the hospital.

And local media quoted security sources as saying that the gunman – while escaping from the police – entered a hostel in Denver and shot a person inside.

And frequent shootings in the United States, which leave thousands of deaths annually.

With each shooting incident in which a large number of victims fall, there is a renewed debate in the United States about tightening restrictions on the possession of firearms.

A stray bullet

On the other hand, Los Angeles police announced on Monday that they have opened an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the killing of a 14-year-old girl in the dressing room of a store after she was hit by a stray bullet from a policeman’s rifle who was shooting a suspect.

The police said – in a statement attached to video recordings of the incident – that the incident occurred last Thursday in a clothing store in North Hollywood, near Los Angeles, after a report was received that the store was exposed to an armed robbery.

She added that as soon as the police arrived at the store, they found a bleeding woman with many injuries, but she was conscious, and a few meters away from her the suspect.

According to video recordings taken by the cameras installed in the uniforms of the officers who were at the scene and published by the police, a policeman armed with a machine gun fired nearly 3 bullets at the suspect, killing him instantly.

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