“Haq Hawraa” .. Police rape of a 7-year-old girl ignites the Iraqi street

The hashtag #Haq_Hawraa topped the social media platforms in Iraq, after revealing the details of the crime, as Iraqis demanded tougher penalties for rape and harassment crimes.

The case of the rape of a 7-year-old girl affiliated with the Iraqi police shook the country’s public opinion a few days ago, after the security authorities revealed the arrest of the perpetrator, while activists, through the hashtag “Haq Hawraa”, demanded the maximum punishment for the rapist policeman and the cleaning of the security services from the perpetrators of crimes.

The Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights said that this is the second incident committed by this policeman, and that his previous victim was killed by her family.

The head of the journalistic observatory, Mustafa Saadoun, wrote – on his Twitter account – “As if we are used to these calamities. Drugs are spreading, officers are selling weapons donated by the International Coalition. A policeman rapes a girl.” Saadoun pointed out that “these are the consequences of not being held accountable. These are the results of allowing the perpetrators other opportunities to repeat their crimes!”

The hashtag #Haq_Hawraa was issued on social media platforms in Iraq, after revealing the details of the crime, as Iraqis demanded tougher penalties for rape and harassment crimes, in addition to periodic examination and inspection of members of the security services, due to the repeated crimes of torture, murder and rape by elements working in their ranks.

The journalist, Zaid Abdel Wahab, said – through his account on Twitter – “The punishment of human beasts of child rapists should be exceptional, as heinous as the ugliness of the crime; its repetition confirms the absence of the required deterrent.”

The artist, Rahma Riad, described – through her Twitter account – the crime of raping the girl Haura as “brutal and disease”, asking “How long will we remain in this situation? Fear God.”

Activist Safa Daoud commented – through her account on Twitter – saying, “These crimes will be repeated and the same scenario will be repeated unless the most severe penalties are inflicted on the perpetrators of rape and psychological and physical assault on women and children.” The criminal commits a cold-blooded crime; Because he is a guarantor of his freedom and impunity.

And journalist Maan Al-Jizani considered – in a tweet on Twitter – that impunity destroyed the Iraqi state and turned Iraqis into fugitive prey without cover or protection.

Major General Saad Maan confirmed the arrest of the accused policeman (Al Jazeera)

Arrest of the accused

The Iraqi Ministry of Interior had announced the arrest of the policeman after he assaulted the little girl, Hawraa, after she and her brother were kidnapped in the Husseiniya area north of Baghdad.
The director of the Ministry’s Relations and Information Department, Major General Saad Maan, said – in a statement – that “the girl Haura was raped, and after submitting the complaint, the investigative judge did the required work, and issued an arrest and investigation warrant against the perpetrator.”
The offender is from the neighbors of the Hawraa family, and she and her 4-year-old brother kidnapped her while they were going to a grocery near their home, and raped the girl, according to local media.

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