He treated himself with the Holy Quran 22 years.. the departure of the Syrian artist Muhammad Al-Shammat

Among his most prominent roles are “Abu Riyah” in the series “Sah Al Nom” with Duraid Lahham, and “Abu Marzouk” in the series “Bab Al Hara”.


Today, Tuesday, the Syrian Artists Syndicate in Damascus announced the death of the able artist, Muhammad Al-Shammat, in the United States, at the age of 85.

A number of Syrian artists mourned him through social media, including Tim Hassan, Tolay Haroun, Tamader Ghanem, Nadim Sharbati and Sulaf Fawakherji.

Al-Shammat was born in 1936, and began his career in the theater, where he was one of the first to join the National Theatre, then moved to television and from there to cinema.

He participated in many series, including “Haret Al-Qasr”, “Wadi Al-Misk”, “Trabeesh”, “An auction”, “Al-Khawali” and “Haret outside coverage”.

Among his most prominent roles are “Abu Riyah” in the series “Sah Al-Nom” with Duraid Lahham and Nihad Kalai and directed by Khaldoun Al-Malih, and Al-Khudari “Abu Marzouk” in the series “Bab Al-Hara” in its parts.

Quran therapy

He suffered a stroke in 1995 and 1999 that affected his speech and movement, and subsequently suffered from memory loss at times, so he was forced to go to America for treatment that lasted about 4 years, where doctors told him that he would remain in this condition throughout his life, and there a Jewish American doctor asked him: Are you Muslim?”.

According to Al-Shammat, the doctor advised him to read the Holy Qur’an to recover from the effects of a stroke, which is the advice he followed for 3 months, and contributed to his recovery of speech. Since then, Al-Shammat has committed to reading the Holy Qur’an.

Al-Shammat suffered a heart attack in 2019, as he received treatment in a Damascus hospital, and recently suffered a health crisis, before his death was announced today, Tuesday, in the United States, where he was receiving treatment and residing with his children.

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