Internet worldwide and for free.. A British company launches 36 satellites

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A British company launched 36 satellites into space on Monday, as part of its project known as the “Global Internet”.

The company has already sent more than 300 satellites into space, and it needs 650 to provide broadband internet globally.

The project is known as the “One Network” and its stated goals are to provide Internet service to remote and poor areas of the world, through satellites placed in relatively low orbits.

It is even more important that about 3 billion people around the world have never used the Internet, and most of them are in developing countries, according to a report issued by the International Telecommunication Union and the United Nations.

And this company can start providing its services in the northern hemisphere, after the arrival of the last batch of satellites.

The paradox is that the advantage of the openness of the atmosphere and the expansion of space, to receive more satellites, is not available on the ground, as the project needs ground stations that are distributed according to special geographical measurements in order to work.

Indeed, there are countries that have refused to install these stations on their territory or even near them for security and political reasons, in addition to the positions of the telecommunications companies that monopolize the provision of Internet service and the profits they derive from that.

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