It erupts as an active act for political and personal motives and is used to strike opponents.. Who is behind the increase in fires in Iraq?

In 2021, about 31,000 fire cases were recorded in all regions of Iraq, which is the largest and is a record compared to other years, and the capital, Baghdad, topped the country’s governorates.

Baghdad- The repetition of the scenario of high rates of fires – which reached about 31 thousand cases during 2021 in certain departments and not others, such as those related to contracts and investment projects for which the volume of budgets allocated to millions of dollars, in addition to some well-known commercial places – is likely to have political and economic motives And a figure standing behind it, to cover it up and prevent corruption in it, or to strike opponents as well, according to observers.

In addition to the material losses caused by the fires, they have so far caused hundreds of deaths and injuries, and although there are no official statistics revealing this, the fire that occurred in Nasiriyah Hospital in the south of the country last July is the largest, even killing more than 100 people. Dozens of injured.

Salman attributed the increase in fires to the abuse of the government electrical network and the spread of random generators (Al-Jazeera)


The year 2021 recorded about 31,000 fire cases throughout the country, which is the largest and is considered a record compared to other years, and the capital, Baghdad, topped the provinces, according to the Director of Civil Defense, Major General Kazem Salman, who attributed this to the increase in abuses on the government electrical network and the spread of random generators, in addition to wiring. El-Akababi Electricity in residential neighborhoods.

In addition to the non-application of safety and security conditions and the use of fire sensors issued by the Civil Defense Directorate with citizens ignoring firefighting supplies, the use of the so-called “heat and cold insulating sandwich panels” – in building warehouses, commercial markets and homes, which is a highly flammable material by nature, The Council of Ministers banned its circulation – at the forefront of the reasons that increased the rates of fires in the country, Salman tells Al Jazeera Net.

The percentage of fires in the private sector, specifically markets, shops, filling stations and homes, reached about 70% – according to Salman – which is much more than what occurred in the departments and ministries of the state, and it is expected that the percentage will increase in the coming years for violating safety and security conditions and non-compliance with the issued instructions.

Basem Khashan is a politician close to the protestersKhashan: Political motives and personal benefits are a major cause of large proportions of fires (Iraqi press)

politically motivated

Criminal reports issued by the government agencies concerned with this matter attribute most of the fires to an electrical short, with a small percentage of them being for other reasons, for example, that they were caused by an active act for political purposes and motives, including to destroy files related to projects and investment services, for fear of exposing corruption in them. .

However, the winning candidate in the recent elections, Basem Khashan, sees political motives and personal benefits as a main reason for the occurrence of large proportions of fires, especially those that occur in departments and rooms related to files and papers concerned with investment contracts within ministries, institutions, and state departments.

Khashan indicates – in his speech to Al Jazeera Net – that the corruption purchased in these departments pushes the burning of these files to be a way to cover up the evidence that proves the involvement of certain parties accused of corruption in investment projects and contracts, and confirms that it occurs by an active act, especially from the beneficiaries of these projects and those involved in corruption. at the same time.

Labor unions and representatives considered that some of the fires were “fabricated”, especially those that occurred in large agricultural areas, and came to create an economic crisis and destabilize Iraqi food security.

The head of the Agriculture and Marshlands Committee in the dissolved Parliament, Salam al-Shammari, revealed – earlier – the existence of what he described as an “external scheme” implemented by internal tools with the aim of keeping Iraq as an importer of agricultural crops, by burning wheat and barley farms in several areas after announcing that the country had reached sufficiency. of barley, and that Iraq will start exporting soon.

Al-Moussawi believes that the concentration of fires in the departments of archiving and preserving documents and contracts means that there are hidden hands trying to hide them (Al-Jazeera)

government default

What raises the most doubts and questions about the director of the Political Decision Center Haider al-Moussawi is the recurrence of fires in some ministries, government departments and specific departments, specifically those related to archiving and preserving securities, documents and contracts related to projects and services, and this means that there are hidden hands behind them, and they may be responsible for These files are trying to hide, in an attempt to protect them from legal accountability from the concerned authorities, such as the Integrity Commission, inspectors’ offices, and others.

Al-Moussawi does not hide the existence of bribery and financial and administrative corruption by some official government agencies by granting them approvals to build commercial places, especially in huge commercial markets without the conditions and requirements of safety and safety in them, citing the fires that happened in hospitals, the biggest cause of which was negligence and government negligence. .

He agrees with what the Director of the Directorate of Civil Defense said about the increase in fires in the coming years, and he confirms in his speech to Al Jazeera Net that political conflicts push some parties to fabricate fires in certain places to strike the opposing side, including what happens in some ministries when a new political party takes over them after they were However, another party, in an attempt to hide some files related to contracts and investment and economic projects.

Politics and business

For his part, economic researcher Ahmed Al-Salami says that politics has become an integral part of the life of commercial activity in the country, and many political parties and personalities own commercial, economic and investment activities, and this increases the percentage of deliberately burning some fires due to political commercial competition between them.

But what is remarkable – in the interview of the economic researcher of Al-Jazeera Net – indicates that some fires were set in the institutions and commercial places that import merchandise and commercial goods by their owners, for the purpose of obtaining compensation from the national insurance companies.

Al-Salami refers to some security breaches and random abuses, specifically in markets and commercial places, and considers them a major cause of fires, especially since a large part of them occur in areas where there are acidifying materials and dyes that are used in petrochemical materials.

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