Libya.. The House of Representatives discusses a proposal to postpone the elections for 6 months and summons the High Commission for accountability

Today, Tuesday, the Libyan House of Representatives will hold a session to discuss the issue of elections and the management of the next phase.

In his speech during the session, which was suspended to resume later today, Parliament Speaker-designate Fawzi Al-Nuwairi presented several proposals from the deputies regarding the elections and managing the next phase.

The proposals included – according to Al-Nuiri – the necessity of postponing the elections for 6 months, and conducting an expanded dialogue between the various Libyan parties. They also included addressing the Electoral Commission to direct an explanatory letter to the House of Representatives on its statement issued on December 22, regarding the impossibility of holding the elections and the proposal to postpone them to 24 Next January, a road map was drawn up.

It is also proposed to move forward with the electoral process, in addition to interacting with what was requested by the Commission and the formation of a committee to address the problems raised by the Commission, in its last statement.

Al-Nuwari called on the commission to clarify the compelling reasons that prevented the elections from taking place, pointing out that everything that is being talked about regarding the obstacles to the electoral process aims to confuse the cards.

He also criticized the parliament’s “hasty” issuance of the election law, which came after the dialogue forum failed to reach consensus on the constitutional base and laws.

Call the Electoral Commission

In the same context, Parliament spokesman Abdullah Blehaq said that the parliament decided – in its session yesterday in Tobruk – to summon the administration of the High National Elections Commission and question it about the obstacles that prevented the elections from taking place on time.

Blihaq added that the Council also reviewed a number of reports, including the report of the Parliamentary Committee in charge of communicating with the Commission, and reports of a confidential nature for the General Intelligence and the Ministry of Interior.

He also advised the head of the Parliament’s Election Follow-up Committee, Al-Hadi Al-Saghir, when reading the committee’s report, not to set a date for the presidential and parliamentary elections, which could not be held.

The report recommended the need to “start amending the draft constitution, through a specific technical committee of the House of Representatives and with fair participation of the State Council, to rebuild a draft constitution that achieves the national interest.”

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee also recommended restructuring the executive authority to achieve the requirements of stability, which the current authority has been unable to achieve, in reference to the National Unity Government based in Tripoli.

He accused the Electoral Commission of violating the Presidential Elections Law on the conditions for accepting candidates, which led to a cycle of appeal and counter-appeal, as he put it.

The Parliamentary Elections Follow-up Committee announced last week the “impossibility” of holding the presidential elections on time, due to circumstances linked to technical, judicial and security reports.

The parliament session was held yesterday in light of warnings and criticisms directed by the President of the Supreme Council of State, Khaled Al-Mashri, to the parliament in Tobruk, regarding what he called unilateral decisions regarding the elections.

Al-Mashri considered that any step taken by the House of Representatives, unilaterally and without agreement with the Supreme Council of State, will be doomed to failure, whether related to the road map, the adoption of laws, or any attempt to amend the executive authority.

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