Meryl Streep .. The Queen of the Screen, which Trump described as “Hillary Clinton’s team”

Meryl Streep received the highest honor in the United States for contributions to public life, freedom and culture.

Meryl Streep poses in front of the camera in Hollywood studios as well as in her kitchen, in both cases effortlessly picking up her tools to create a “cook” loved by audiences and filmmakers alike.

Merrill’s Hollywood kitchen contains all the artistic and cinematic recipes that any woman in the world can dream of. She also plays the role of the late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the movie “Iron Woman” in 2011, or the role of the bossy in “The Devil Wears Prada.” (The Devil Wears Prada).

And female colleagues of her generation – such as Sharon Stone – believe that the secret in Hollywood, But this amazing acceptance of Meryl Streep on the screen and in American society refers to a human miracle related to a woman who practices life with simplicity, sincerity and passion, and lives quietly with 4 children and a husband, and 8 Golden Globe Awards out of 25 nominations, in addition to 3 Academy Awards.

Meryl Streep has been described as a performance queen and one of the greatest poses on camera in (European) history.

I was born twice

Meryl Streep was born twice: the first in 1949 in New Jersey, which is the birth that everyone goes through, and the second came at the age of 29, as she was born as an actress and a human being from the womb of pain, when her partner, actor John Cazale, passed away while the flowers of life and future prospects were blooming before her. She received her share of grief and pain early.

Meryl and John met in 1976 and married, and while the young actress was experiencing the beginnings, Kazali was making his way to a remarkable presence in Hollywood through the films “Godfather” Part Two in 1974, and “Deer Hunter” in 1976 , But cancer invaded his body, and he left in 1978, leaving behind a deep sadness for a young actress caught by the camera, sobbing on his shoulder and begging him to wake up while he was dead.

Meryl, the child, received singing lessons at the age of 12, then finished high school to join the university and obtain a master’s in fine arts, and begins her career on stage, and moves to the cinema in her first roles in the movie “Julia” in 1977, and then the movie ” The Deer Hunter” with John Cazale.

The little widow regained her strength, and set out to present 94 films in 42 years, and within a few years turned into a star in the Hollywood sky, and then was installed as a performance queen and one of the greatest who stood in front of the camera in history and won 3 Oscars from 21 nominations, a number that did not reach him as an actor or actress.

The young actress had just started in small roles on stage and television and was picked up by the cinema in the movie “The Deer Hunter” in a small role alongside John Cazale, and despite the small size of the role, she received her first Academy Award nomination.

After Cazali’s death, Meryl traveled to Canada to spend some time away from her memories, but she returned to find that she had been expelled from her apartment, so she called her brother to help her move her belongings elsewhere, so he came with a friend named Don Gomer, who soon became a companion to the journey of the promising actress from that day Until now.

The sculptor and plastic artist Don Gommer tried to make Merrill forget her sorrows, and encouraged her to accept any role offered to her after her return from Canada, so she accepted her role in the 1979 movie “Kramer VS Kramer”, which revolves around a divorce battle and painful custody of children between couple.

Meryl Streep launched into the Hollywood space in the next 10 years, to perform a group of films during which she made history and Hollywood history together, including “The French Lieutenant’s Woman” in 1981, “Still of the Night” in 1982 Sophie’s Choice 1982, Silkwood 1983, Falling in Love 1984, Out of Africa 1985, Abundance ( Plenty 1985, Heartburn 1986, Ironweed 1987, A Cry in the Dark 1988.

When the Hollywood icon reached the age of 40, she received 3 scenarios for 3 films in which she was all nominated for the role of a “witch”, and felt that it was a bad sign that she had become an evil old woman similar to witches, and she rejected all of them, but she did not give up as she continued to search, and when she was over 60, she got the third Oscar in her life. In 2012 for the movie “The Iron Lady”, she won her second Academy Award in 1983 for the movie “Sophie’s Choice”.

US President Barack Obama admitted his love for Meryl Streep and said, “Her husband Don Gomer knows and my wife Michelle knows that,” in 2014 when he awarded her – at a ceremony at the White House – the Medal of Freedom, an award given to civilians and military, and considered the highest honor in the United States for those who They contributed to public life and the field of freedoms and culture. It was established by US President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

Speaking – at the Cecil de Mille Award for Lifetime Achievement – 2017, Meryl Streep, who turned into an American icon for a full 6 minutes, kept expressing her displeasure, surprise and contempt for someone who occupies the most respected position in the United States (you mean US President Donald Trump at the time). ) when he mocked a disabled reporter, and Streep taught Trump that his position can transform such arrogant racist behavior into a way of life and make simple people do the same, but Trump’s reaction was shocking; He criticized her and described her as “Hillary Clinton’s favourite.”

It is easy for any beautiful girl to belong to the profession of acting, as beauty is well qualified to appear in front of the camera, but she needs talent if she wants to play a real role in the artistic work, and she will need talent and study if she wants to play a role in front of the hero, but if she wants to become a queen The screen and Hollywood icon has to be Meryl Streep.

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