Millions were dazzled by the five denominations of the call to prayer for each prayer.. Activists bid farewell to Recep Aoyar, the most famous muezzin in Turkey

Activists – via social media platforms – bid farewell to the muezzin of the Green Mosque in the Turkish state of Bursa, who was known for a clip explaining specific shrines in the country, according to each prayer time.

The muezzin, Rajab Oyar, 61, died after suffering a heart attack on Sunday. A number of Turkish officials mourned the famous muezzin, via communication platforms.

Meanwhile, activists published a previous video of the late man who appeared while he was calling the call to prayer in Turkey in 5 different places.

Uyar explained – in the circulating clip – that the dawn call to prayer is raised in the shrine of the Saba, and the noon prayer is according to the shrine of the Hijaz.

He added that the afternoon call to prayer is raised according to the maqam of the Rast, while Maghrib is on the Maqam Sika, which is fast to shorten the time of the Maghrib prayer, and finally the evening prayer according to the maqam “Ashab wa al-Hussaini” where the sound is sad.

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