On the borders of Ukraine, has Russia managed to break the myth of the unipolar world?

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Political and media advisor Dr. Nawaf Ibrahim affirmed that the unipolar world has ended forever, and that the West has realized that Russia has returned to be a global power that prevents absolute American control over the world.

In his statements during his hosting of the Opposite Direction episode on December 28 (2021), he expressed his conviction that the United States is only trying – by creating problems – to delay the birth of this new world in which it will no longer be the dominant and superpower.

According to Dr. Ibrahim, the unipolar world has ended since 2007, after Russian President Vladimir Putin managed to put his country back on the map of the great international powers, a position occupied by the Soviet Union before its collapse.

According to the same spokesman, after the collapse of the Soviet Union and America’s uniqueness in leading the world, the United States was able to bring about geopolitical changes on the ground to serve its interests, but some of these changes have now turned into factors against it.

He also stressed that world leadership is no longer linked to a conflict in the Middle East, or to the Iranian nuclear file, or even to the Ukraine crisis.

Although he acknowledged the great financial and economic superiority of the United States over Russia, he stressed that the latter possesses the elements of great powers, the most important of which is the great military deterrence, as well as economic and industrial power, pointing out that Russia provides Europe with most of its energy needs, as well as its possession of important knowledge of leadership.

Dr. Ibrahim spoke at great length about what he called the Russian moral superiority over the United States, which he said builds its military power at the expense of destroying other countries, and it builds its economic power at the expense of looting the economy of other countries.

Russia is just a follower

On the other hand, the researcher and former advisor at the Egyptian Ministry of Planning, Dr. Abd al-Nabi Abd al-Muttalib, based his assessment of the possibility of a bipolar return to the world at the hands of Russia, on the numbers, which he said never lie.

In this regard, Abdul Muttalib presented many figures that indicate a great American superiority at the expense of Russia in the field of national income and military industrialization, and even in the size of the military forces of both parties. Based on these numbers, he did not hesitate to describe Russia as a mere dwarf or a follower of the United States of America.

But Abdul Muttalib confirmed that the United States sought to build Russia’s illusions of the possibility of the return of the bipolar world, because it wants to convince the American citizen that there is a force or a party that threatens him, which makes him never hesitate to pay taxes and agree to the amount of spending on building the military arsenal.

The former advisor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also expressed his understanding of the desire of some Arabs for the return of the bipolar world, in light of the great Arab anger at the American support for Israel, but he called on the Arabs not to rely on any external force, and to seek to build their own strength to defend their interests, instead of always searching On the strength they rely on.

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