Starting with “Land of Hope” .. Chinese Baidu competes with major American companies in the virtual world of “Metaverse”

With the remarkable rush of American technology companies towards the new virtual world of Metaverse, the Chinese information company Baidu did not find it necessary to venture out and compete in this promising field, which is expected to be the next big leap in the development of the Internet.

Metaverse represents a digital world parallel to the real world, which is connected to the Internet. This nascent concept is expected to allow freedom from physical constraints by increasing human interactions through 3D technology.

In order to enter this world, the company “Baidu” – nicknamed “Google of China” – yesterday, Monday, locally launched one of the first “Metaverse” applications, and it bears the name “Shirang”, which means “land of hope”, in a press conference held through the new technology. In the presence of company president Robin Lee and an audience represented by their “digital” characters.

Metaverse fever began with Facebook changing the name of its parent group to “Meta” (Reuters)

The opportunities presented by the creation of a “new virtual world” are so enamored with the appetites of the digital giants that Facebook has made it the basis of its new business and changed the name of its parent group to Meta.

The “Shirang” application allows its users to create a digital character (avatar) and interact with other users in a three-dimensional world, and the application can be used on a mobile phone, computer, and virtual reality helmets.

In “Shirang” – which is currently only available in China – users can navigate among natural places and developed virtual cities, and they can visit a (virtual) exhibition, a replica of the Shaolin Temple, or even dive in a digital swimming pool.

Baidu had been working on this project long before the term metaverse became popular last October, following Facebook’s decision to change the name of its group to “Meta”.

Similar to Baidu, Chinese digital giants do not intend to remain on the sidelines of Metaverse. Bitdance (Tik Tok) has invested in several companies in the sector, including virtual reality helmet maker Beko.

Tencent is developing its own Metaverse platform, backed by its extensive experience in video game development. For its part, the Chinese e-commerce giant “Alibaba” established a subsidiary company to study the various opportunities offered by Metaverse.

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