The legendary Renault 4 is now available as a flying car

The Renault 4 came onto the market in 1961 and scored points with a number of innovations. It was one of the first cars with the trunk door that is common today. Renault also used front-wheel drive for the first time. The model was produced for more than 30 years. During this period, there were more than eight million buyers for the small car. However, if you look at the vehicles today, you will quickly see that the design of cars has changed significantly over the years. The structures are now much less clunky. The French group has therefore cooperated with the design office The Arsenale to give the Renault 4 a new look. Despite the modernization, it can still be clearly seen which car it was originally. The big innovation can be found elsewhere anyway. Because instead of wheels, the Renault Air 4 has rotors.

Image: Renault

The top speed is 45 kilometers per hour

The energy required for the flight is provided in batteries with a total capacity of 90,000 mAh. These drive a total of four rotors that can lift up to 380 kilograms into the air. It is therefore also clear that it cannot be a car with its original weight. Instead, the body was built entirely from carbon fiber for reasons of weight. Doors, however, had to be dispensed with. Instead, the rear of the car can be unfolded so that passengers can get on. Theoretically, speeds of up to 45 kilometers per hour can then be achieved with this special flying car. The maximum altitude is around 700 meters. However, the Renault Air 4 will not be available for sale. Instead, the construction will initially be on display in the Renault Museum in Paris. A kind of traveling exhibition is also planned afterwards.


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In a few years, a new electric edition is also planned

So far, however, it is not known whether Renault actually wants to get into the flying car business sooner or later. In fact, the subject is more of a dream of the future. The industry is currently being kept in suspense by two other trends: electrification and autonomous driving. Here, too, the Renault 4 will celebrate a comeback again. It is planned to bring a new electrified version onto the market in 2025. However, further details have not yet been published. The topic of air taxis, on the other hand, is more likely to be driven by ambitious startups. In Germany, for example, Volocopter and Lilium Aviation have made a name for themselves in this context. However, both are still a few years away from a marketable product. First of all, flying cars can only be seen in museums.

Via: SIA Magazin

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