The major shortcoming: economy and consumers in the bottleneck trap

By Jan Petermann, Erich Reimann and Andreas Hoenig, dpa

If you have to wait, that’s all well and good – you know that when ordering larger purchases such as cars, furniture or unusual items in online retail. But the fact that sometimes nothing is delivered or only delivered very late is almost a state of exception in the networked consumer society. Many people and companies are currently experiencing how the supply crisis continues to widen. Several factors play a role: global freight traffic, production problems with various goods, more expensive raw materials and, last but not least, a lack of craftsmen and skilled workers. 2021 – a year of want. And a quick end to the bottlenecks is not in sight.

Probably one of the most noticeable of the major deficiencies in everyday life is when going to the store or when clicking through the Internet shop. Consumers notice extended delivery times across almost all areas if the desired goods – as is so often the case – are not in stock. Many manufacturers and dealers have announced price increases, some of which have already been implemented.