Travel disruptions push for rare situations in the air.. Washington reduces the period of quarantine for people with corona without symptoms and a president refuses to vaccinate his daughter

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The US health authorities announced that they have reduced the quarantine period for people with Covid-19 who do not show symptoms of the disease in half, with the aim of reducing disruptions – especially in the aviation sector – caused by the increase in the number of infections, which led to the imposition of restrictions in Germany today, Tuesday.

According to the new policy, the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention decided to reduce the quarantine restrictions for people infected with the Corona virus from 10 to 5 days if they no longer have symptoms and committed to wearing masks for at least 5 more days.

The recommended quarantine period for people who had contact with people infected with the virus was also reduced to 5 days.

US health officials said the new guidelines are consistent with mounting evidence that people infected with the coronavirus are most contagious in the two days before symptoms appear, as well as the next three days after they appear.

And 11,500 flights have been canceled since last Friday, and tens of thousands of flights have been postponed at the end of the year, which is usually the busiest period of the year.

Many airlines say this is largely due to the prevalence of the omicron mutant among crews.

The whole world was affected by this, as about 3,000 flights were canceled on Monday and 1,100 more flights on Tuesday, according to the FlightAware website, which specializes in tracking aircraft movement.

The epidemic led to rare situations in the air, for example, Delta Airlines decided to return a plane to Seattle in the northwest of the United States that was heading to Shanghai last week, due to the new restrictions imposed at the airport, as the American company explained to the press agency. French authorities yesterday, Monday, prompting criticism from the Chinese authorities.

In addition to developments in the United States, many countries of the world have recorded other remarkable developments in light of the outbreak of the Omicron mutant.


The German authorities begin implementing the precautionary measures that were announced in advance, including holding sports matches without the presence of the public, and limiting external gatherings to 10 people who received the vaccine or recovered from the infection.


British Health Minister Sajid Javid announced that no further restrictions will be imposed to tackle the Corona virus in England before the New Year, after ministers reviewed the latest data.

Javid called on citizens to exercise caution and caution during their New Year celebrations, and urged everyone to conduct a quick test for Corona before attending any occasion, but he did not rule out imposing new restrictions next January if necessary.


The French government has adopted a draft resolution that it will present to Parliament, which stipulates that there are insufficient tests that confirm that there is no infection with the Corona virus to enter public places, and that the vaccine alone will be acceptable.

It also decided to return to remote work at least 3 days a week for the institutions that can do so, and reduced the period between the second and third doses to 3 months, and this comes in light of a fifth wave of the Corona virus sweeping the country, with infections exceeding 100,000 cases per day.


Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has said he will not give his 11-year-old daughter a vaccine against COVID-19, perpetuating his anti-vaccine stance, drawing criticism from health experts and denting his popularity.

The right-wing leader added that Health Minister Marcelo Quiroga will announce next January 5 the way his country will manage the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 for people aged 5 to 11 years, which was approved by the authorities this December.

“Children are not at such a risk of death that they should be vaccinated,” Bolsonaro told reporters.

“I spoke with Quiroga, and he will announce on January 5 how children will be vaccinated against Covid-19… I want to assure that my daughter will not get a vaccine,” the Brazilian president added.

There is a great deal of controversy over vaccinating children from COVID-19 in Brazil, with Bolsonaro supporters vehemently opposed to it even though the vast majority of Brazilians support vaccination.

Bolsonaro refuses to receive a vaccine against Covid-19, and questions the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.

A report by a government advisory committee stated that Covid-19 had caused the deaths of 301 children in the age group between 5 and 11 years in Brazil.


Indian Health Minister Mansukh Mandavia said on Twitter that his country had approved the emergency use of Merck’s molnupiravir tablets to treat Covid-19, the COVAX vaccine produced by the Indian Serum Institute, and the pharmaceutical company’s Corbevax vaccine. Indian Biology.

Mandavia said Molnopiravir tablets will be produced by 13 companies in India, for limited use in an emergency situation to treat adults with COVID-19.

And last week, the US Food and Drug Administration authorized the emergency use of molnoperavir tablets in the treatment of adult Covid-19 patients with mild to moderate symptoms.

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